Play Our Selected Games And Contests For September 11th!

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These are our selected games and contests for September 9th. Join and grab your chance to win great prizes!

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@newbiegames Steps Up

Welcome to @newbiegames' new initiative.

Every day (if possible) we will be highlighting 3 to 5 contests. These contests will be chosen randomly. The only requirement is that they are fit for newbies.

Due to circumstances we are changing the concept: from now on these games and contest are just recommendations. Play the ones you are interested in and give them your best to win.
For the moment there will be no extra prize rewarded by @newbiegames for playing all games/contests.

The highlighted contests and games are probably not using the #newbiemes tag (yet), but we ask the hosts to consider using the tag for their next game or contest.

As always, we'll be listing all contests and games that use the #newbiegames tag in our 'Featured Games and Contests' post.


Recommended Games And Contests

Here are our recommended games and contests for Sunday, September 9th.

CONTEST: 150 STEEM - "PROMOting STEEM" - GO 4 IT! by @steemaustralia


This contest is open for everyone.

To join, you need to write a post about one of the following topics:

  • How you promote Steem on the internet or elsewhere
  • How you believe Steem can be promoted by any of us Steemians to help Steem go to the moon
  • How Steempress can make Steem go to the moon
  • Do a promotion about one of the front end apps i.e., Dlive, Steempeak etc etc etc

Prize pool of 150 Steem



The Thank You Economy - Week 8 with 10+ SBI Shares by @coinsandchains


In this contest you can win @steembasicincome shares by leaving a comment in which you thank someone for helping or influencing you on SteemIt. You need to add a brief explanation to the comment.

Bonus rounds with bonus prizes available



GOLD FOIL BITCOIN GIVEAWAY! (Takes 10 Seconds lol) JUST GUESS BITCOIN CLOSE on SUNDAY!! by @heyimsnuffles


To win this gold card, you need to guess what the closing price of BITCOIN is going to be on Sunday 11:59 UTC.

Second and third place will receive a @steembasicincome share.



Dynamicrypto 100 STEEM-Income 6 Day Comment Contest by @dynamicrypto


Win upvotes for life by making a great comment including different tags on 2 posts.



100 SBD in weekly prizes with Steem-Bounty #Let’s ask some question! by @jmhb85


To win a part of the 100SBD Steem-Bounty that is set on this post, you need to create a publication by asking a serious question or riddle, and then put a @steem-bounty on the post of at least 2 SBD or 2 STEEM.

Post the link to your publication in the comments section underneath the contest post to earn your share of the 100SBD bounty.



We recommend all @newbiegames members to participate in these games/contest, because there are some awesome prizes to be won.

After all, winning prizes is often the best way to grow your account a little faster.



If you want your contest or game added to one of our next editions, feel free to leave a link in the comment section of this post.


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I sometimes get teased for joining so many contest. I have to say I highly recommend it for account growth. Especially for newer accounts the weekly wins can total more than from posts.
I hope @newbiegames will continue to grow and prosper. It has been a huge help to me and I am sure to many.


I am still looking for someone to host a contest where I'll put up the prizes ...


Actually I am thinking of doing a little challenge with a redneck rhyming theme.
I will be sure and give you a heads up in case that may catch your interest.
I am judging for the @pifc this week. Let me see how well I keep up with that while I iron out the details for my little contest.


I have a lot more STEEM now from trading SBD and from my earnings, so, I'll be happy to sponsor your contest.


Well don't feel obligated until you review it. You know how out of the box = whacky I get. This one is already shaping up to be different than what most people do.
In other words the people may hate it lol Never know till you give it a go right?

Great service @newbiegames! I'd love to be added to a future edition, here's my link to the first ever Steemit Sole Survivor Contest:


I have initiated the #ccc tag three months ago for newbies to help newbies. Recently, the last few weeks, I started contests and co-sponsored a few hosted by -

please see the list here

I have two open invitation or requests for proposed contests to sponsor or co-sponsor aimed to help newbies in the #ccc community -

  • Saturday - weekly contests hosted by the winner of each contest
  • contest to giveaway 1 oz. silver

As they say, details "inside" my post-list.

I am open to suggestions and ways to collaborate to help newbies.

Wow @newbiegames, Thanks for the Promo, I'm honored to be included in such an esteemed list....
There is a lot of steem/sbd at stake in these contests. It is rather amazing what this community can produce with a little effort and have fun at the same time.