Account @xisan seized by Neoxian

in scammer •  7 months ago 

Another person tried to scam me again today.

He recovered his account via Steem, which violated our contract.

Oh but oops! Looks like I was able to recover it back! Nice try Xisan.

Darn, looks like you are not going to be able to get it back this time. Derp.

This was our contract by the way:

He tried the same stupid trick of changing his signature to my contract afterwards. Hey Zahidul Rafan Xisan, that trick doesn't work.

Zahidul Rafan Xisan, you are one dumbass scammer, have a lovely day.

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You showed a good lesson! Anyway be careful next time!


very sad to hear that neoxian, i think you need to improve your regulation


Yes I need to be more careful.

No mercy for scammers, the account should never be returned... He deserves it...

Fucking dumbass scammers everywhere. This is a blockchain of opportunity, people cannot just wrap their head around an idea to make money. Must they always resort to scam?

How are you my friend? You could stop this scam, great!

Your recovery move is highly commendable and swift. I think this needs to be done more often to reduce your PAR - portfolio at risk. Kudos.

They are really fraudulent. damn bitch. 😎

He taught he was smart, way to go Neo.

looks like everybody is trying to earn easy money! well, it's not a good day for them!

Go elsewhere Scammers, this place is not for you!

Congratulations on the exposure.

That's bad of him..
He shouldn't have done that after signing the contract with you.
Well that's what fits him..

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

You did the right thing there the scammers are finding new ways to exploit the rules but you need to make a bulletproof system for new loans

Goddamn it, it seems, because of yesterday's incident, now many people want to try it.


Just curious. What happens to accounts that are forfeit after the owner breaks the contract? Are they for sale if someone offers to “make good” on the outstanding debt?

Scammers always think they can “work” a system. It usually catches up with them in the end.


I'll just drain the steem from it.


Are the empty accounts for sale or do you return them to the original owner? I was thinking it would be a way for me to pick up cheap accounts? Although I imagine if I bought it from you, he could still file a stolen accounts against me. I had the the thought it would be good to buy accounts with followers already in place if it was possible.


Well I'm sure not returning that account to the scammer. Why should I?

Hmm selling the empty accounts..I guess I could do that. They probably aren't worth much though. There is zero danger in this case of him filing a stolen account request. I changed his recovery account to myself (neoxian) and Steem Inc is powerless now.


Is there is a minimum amount of SP that must be left in the account to remain viable? 5 or 6 seems to come to mind. And do you have other accounts you have seized?

I would be willing to pay whatever small amount must remain in the account plus a premium based on a value I placed on it (that I would have to research).

This project I have in mind is about a month away. I am planning to transfer funds into my Steemit accounts starting in the next couple of weeks.


I have a small handful of accounts I could sell you. Contact me in discord neoxian#3936

I fucking hate scammers, they think they are so smart but all they are is thieves.. They can't make it on their own skill so they have TRY to steal from honest people.. Glad u taught him a lesson! 👍

So sorry to read about people who take deliberate advantage of others.

Stupidiot. A word I learnt from a book I read recently.

that is one stupid scammer.
did you get your loan back? or atleast break even?
stay carefull alwaysy friend.


I'll be able to break even from the steem I recover from his account.

Good work.


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