Paypal Rewards - A Scam!

in scam •  3 months ago

Few hours ago, a friend of mine sent me a pm on discord to join Paypal Rewards discord server and I did join it. I checked discord again after a while only to see that I was flooded with pm's asking me to join Paypal Rewards discord server. The main reason behind this is that they are promising money if you refer people.
They are claiming that they will reward people for referring.


As can be seen from the screenshots, the are offering good money to refer people.

As I got many pm's, so I decided to take a bit of time and see it is legit or not and I found no announcement of such kind on the twitter page of PayPal.
Moreover you will not be able to contact them on discord or anywhere else.
I talked to a few people who referred others but none of them have received any payment so far.

Why would PayPal give money for referring people!
Please be careful and don't do any referrals for them unless you have some solid proof.

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Thanks for sharing @syedumair

thanks for sharing @syedumair bhai
sadly most of these rewards are scams. I have got the best legit free cryptocurrency coins you can get


Please don't write post links in comments... It's considered spam here...
You have 47 rep... You should have learned that by far now. 😡

This is useful, thanks for sharing.

Maybe, just maybe, PayPal and PayPal Rewards are two different and unrelated things?

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Thanks for the intimation... I myself had an invite... Didn't joined though.