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Remember, there are NO FREE BITCOINS!

=> -Don't send bitcoin to thieves please! The whole thing is just pure lies, and if you are dumb enough to believe these crooks, then sorry, but you will come across far sharper scams than this. 9/27/17

=> and -All associated, all just hyip scams. 9/27/17

=> -Odd how you can send bitcoin to be loaned, but there is evidently no route to borrow bitcoin. That's because it is just a ponzi, like the MMM schemes. 9/27/17

=> -You are playing at mining, it isn't real. As long as you know it's a ponzi, then it is your choice. 9/27/17

=> -Don't waste your work, don't refer anybody, don't send money or bitcoin. Just don't go here eh. 9/26/17

=> -What a total Cows Arse of a scam attempt. We'll leave it at that. 9/26/17

=> -Utter tripe. Have you ever smelt a Tripe Factory? I have, and if you could smell this site, it would smell like that Tripe Factory. 9/26/17

=> -Fake mining at it's most transparent. This is just a piss poor ponzi fraudster. 9/26/17

=> -We've told you a thousand times, bitcoin cannot double, and any site claiming to double it is just going to steal it. Please learn the easy way. 9/26/17

=> -This fake review site will refer you to 100% ponzi scams. Every one a pile of doo doo. 9/25/17

=> -What galaxy is that - The HorseArse Nebula? This scam is pathetic. 9/25/17

=> -They wanted, but another scam has already nabbed that domain. Competition amongst thieves. 9/24/17

=> -The aim of this hyip/scam site is to steal your bitcoin. Nothing more, nothing less. It's what all HYIP's do. 9/24/17

=> -A very disingenuous title. This is your genuinescamwarning, it is just another lying thief. 9/24/17

=> -You are fooling yourself if you think getting rich is as simple as sending your bitcoin to an anonymous fraudster. The sun's shining, it's a nice day, now don't be a victim. 9/24/17

=> -This is one online wallet that you need to avoid. A Hotel California for your Litecoin. Get a Hardware wallet, it's worth it. (see our safelist) 9/24/17

=> -If you are reading this, it is hopefully because you were thinking about sending bitcoin to this scam. We want these crooks to fail. 9/24/17


=> -Don't know about you, but to us, that reads as "Bit More Lie" Sick little Mofo thinks he's cute. Nothing to add really. 9/24/17

=> -Nothing to do with Bitcoin Cash, this is a completely different scam and wants to steal the real bitcoin, and cash. 9/24/17

=> -We shouldn't even list this, we should just let you send your money and lose it, since you want to be a hyip thief as well! Go on, face jail. 9/24/17

=> -CryptoPieInTheSky. Can't you possibly believe you will get money forever? It is just a thief and a website. 9/24/17

=> -Another page of lies trying to part you and your bitcoin. 9/24/17

=> -They should really do a Japanese version if they are Japanese - Just saying! 9/24/17

=> -Just a hyip scam trying to steal bitcoin from newbies. 9/24/17

=> -Note the spelling. Cyrpto. Another dodgy hardware supplier. 9/23/17

=> -There is no best or worst bitcoin generator. None is real, and all are scams. The only way to createe bitcoin is with very expensive mining technology. 9/23/17

=> -Fake cloudmining scams are popular with fraudsters, as they only trickle a return while they build a pot to run away with. 9/23/17

=> -Love the spiel about why pay with bitcoin! This fake supplier can never send you any kit, so please don't send this idiot any bitcoin. Thanks. 9/23/17

=> -A fraud aimed at very naive users of bitcoin. If you send it, this thief will keep it, and you cannot get it back. 9/22/17

=> -Offering lots of plans like all frauds. There is one plan, and that is to sucker you into sending money, or even worse - Bitcoin! 9/22/17

=> -Phishimg for your login. Check that URL! 9/22/17

=> -If you are so greedy, that you will send bitcoin to an obvious scam, then you will remain poor. Just HODL. 9/22/17

=> -Great title for this shit ponzi. Yin and yang in perfect balance. 9/22/17

=> -You can't double bitcoin. If you send it to one of these thieves, you will never see it again. 9/21/17

=> -Like all the 'ecoins' that have gone before it, this is a ponzi scheme as well. 9/21/17

=> -Quite sophisticated for a phishing site. A phishing site is one that pretends to be a real operator but is on a different domain, and just wants to steal your login details for the real site. 9/21/17

=> -On the plus side, this hyip fraud is slightly less ridiculous than the Whitehouse in America right now. Did you know, that in the UK, a Trump is a Fart? True. 9/21/17

=> -These wannabe scammers behind this fake mining website, know absolutely fuck all about mining Crypto, and even less about scamming! 9/21/17

=> -The bitcoin generator scam. Look on our mainpage, and we have a permanent graphic explaning this common scam. Just don't send anything, ever. 9/20/17

=> -This idiot would have you believe that this is a real business. Just how stupid does he think you are? 9/20/17


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Good list, thanks for putting this together.

Thanks for the info. I hope people don't get scammed that only floods the market with stolen coins and i want the price of my holdings to go up

Thanks for the heads up, was encountered with one of these sites via facebook.

This list prevent me and so much people investing on scam