Beware : Impostor Bobbylee is on

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Hello Steemit Friends,

Please beware of the IMPOSTOR BOBBYLEE!

The Impostor Bobbylee is trying to deceive me last night. He sent me a message at I really thought it was the Real Bobbylee.

Here are the screenshots of our conversation last night.








The IMPOSTOR BOBBYLEE didn't know that I have contact with the Real Bobbylee.

I am too suspicious of the messages of the impostor bobbylee. That's why, I immediately call the attention of the Real Bobbylee. It was confirmed that the one I am chatting with at the is the IMPOSTOR!

Here's a message from the Real Bobbylee,


Click here for @bobbylee confirmation post about the Impostors.


I am very grateful that I wasn't deceived by the impostor bobbylee.

Be grateful in every little/simple things and you'll find happiness you ever wanted! 😀😀😀

Everyday is worth to be grateful of!

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Yours truly,

@shikika with much love 💖💖💖😀😀😀

Keep steeming! 😀😀😀





Great maam your not deceive by him. :)
Please follow me back maam thanks, i will keep reading on your next blog.

I know there are people who will try to deceive us. We need to be alert and suspicious. 😀

Yeah we should everytime, even in our daily lives.

Yeah right! 😀

Btw tga san po kayo maam?

That's is scary ! Good thing you have noticed it earlier. It could be a scam. @bobbylee sir you are getting so famous that some people made you a dummy account

Hi @zam398. 😀 That is scary if I give my password to the impostor bobbylee. When I asked his real name that's the time I suspected him as impostor. Hahaha. The impostor didn't know that I know the real name of the real bobbylee. Hahaha. Poor impostor!

Someone is trying to degrade the reputation of our dearest @bobbylee.

Omg! These people!!!!!

Grabeh talaga sis. Meron talaga mga tao puro paninira ng kapwa ginagawa. Buti na lang blocked ko agad siya. Hirap na. Alam mo ba sis. Pagkatapos ko iblock yun impostor. Meron nag message ulit iba na account.
Pero di ko na pinansin sis. Hahaha. Very good daw. Hahaha. Baka very good ginawa ko pagblock sa impostor. Hahaha

Ay, grabe! Nagkalat na naman sila.

What a bad person! I also received a message from that impostor. When I am supposed to respond, it was blocked. Perhaps you caught her that's why.

Omg! He tried to deceived @bobbylee's followers. Very bad person!
I blocked him immediately knowing he is impostor.

Loko nyan a. Galing din ng mga scammer talaga. Buti na lang di ka nagpadala sa kanya. Nereblog ko na to para mabasa din ng iba.

bute na lang sis nde ka nagpaloko
saka d nya kailangan act
teka no gawa sa steemchat hehehe
dami mo paglalakbay sis hehehe

Thank God hindi ka nya naloko sis grabeness mga taong ganyan nagkalat in and out steemit dami din manloloko dito sa labas at kawawa lagi mga nabibiktima nila grabe tlga....

Thanks for this post. It will help steemians be aware of fake profiles.

You're welcome @mavic2015. I have to warn others nit to be deceived by impostors.

I am happy you were able to spot that his fake.

We need to be at alert.

Scamers everywhere

Thankfully the impostor didn't deceived me.
You are right @mrposyble scammers are everywhere.

Yeah Bobbylee really helpful person who helped beginners or who give good information I really love it one of my friends say about him that he is very helpful person who helped him when he how new in steam community

Yeah! You are right. He is helpful to many. 😀

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