SCAM Alert: Do NOT log in on!

in scam •  10 months ago

I just received a 0.001 SBD transfer from @gtg.witnesses who is currently sending a small amount to many other Steem accounts. He pretends to give away SBD rewards on behalf of @gtg, but this account and website has nothing to do with @gtg.

@gtg is a known and respected witness I have voted for. He would never ask for login credentials.

The website pretends to redirect you to to login to your Steem account and to claim your reward, but you are not actually being redirected. A filthy phishing attempt. If you login you expose your password to the owner of this website!

Never give away your Steem private keys!

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Thank you for bringing attention to this.

Obviously that's a scam. No one should ever trust such messages.
Not to mention that it's just stupid. Everyone voting for me should already know (by reading my posts) to not leak their keys!

Treasure your passwords /パスワードを大切に by @fukako

Thanks for the heads up.

Well received. Whenever it is too good, hard to be true. Just be careful.
Desperate moves require desperate measures.
Thanks for this advice. Whenever someone send you any link to check if you are not use to it, just give up.

Keep on steemin'

Thanks for the heads up! These types of reminders help keep people’s accounts safer and the community safer as a whole! Thanks!

Many thanks for letting us know and for alerting the whole community!


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Thank you for sharing... Don't share your private keys And always say no to scam.

It's amazing how desperate some folks can be. Scamming others of their hard earned sbd.
Thanks for the heads up @penguinpablo.


and many of them not so hard earned ;)
but it's another thing


Hard-earned or not, stealing from other people is wrong!.


no question about it

Great heads up, @penguinpablo.

So all apps using steemconnect go through And if the url begins differently at the login page, it's a bogus?

Well, I never.... (I heard about a similar thing on ebay existing so naturally, steemit will be a victim of its own success someday - that day being now, I guess.)

Any chance someone can get his scam site closed down? Who would one report him to?


v1.steemconnect is effectively the same as steemconnect, here?

I'm a bit green. ;)

Ps. The secure / not secure part that precedes the URL - can we go off that when deciding if something's safe or not?


v1.steemconnect is effectively the same as steemconnect, here?

Yes, it's a subdomain of the same domain.

thanks alort for the information sir.
their are many fake sites trying to dupe individuals thank once more @penguinpablo
permit me to copy the post to educated others sir


Yes, thank you for informing others.

Thanks so much for warning us on this. Will not give away my Steem private keys to this site, as you suggested. ;)

thanks for the warning
upvoted and resteemed

tnx for the info

Wow filthу ѕсаmmеr, thanks a lot fоr spreading thе wоrd

정보 감사해요.
사기꾼이 판을 치는 군 요.

Well spotted. Thanks for that. It was just a matter of time before scammers started targeting Steemit.

Thanks for the alert!

I just got this exact same message. Never lose, use or give out your passwords even on steemit.
The first three rules of steemit.
Thanks for the warning @penquinpablo this is where a site wide notification system would be handy? Resteem to my followers. I do hope they are paying attention?

Thx for he heads up!
Not that I was planning to give away my keys, but it is good that important people like yourself on Steemit, inform and warn other about scams.

Thank you for sharing this
We must to share any info about scammers

This is bullshit!
Why the hell people do this type of things?
just because of jealousy?

Thanks for the information, it's important that we are all very alert to these frauds!

Please my vote my ID @mohabat

thanks for warning us @penguinpablo

Thank you for the heads up.

Thanks for this important info. Will surely keep an eye on that

Great. Thanks for alerting

you're really unlucky, i have received 25 SBD! :P
now i'm waiting for it to arrive after i logged in with my private key: f***-you-scammer

thanks for sharing, hope someday people will check the url by default before logging in ANYWHERE!

This is bad..really bad especially for the minnows
now i can't even trust any third party sites anymore.
who knows?
I might not be the only one with my password.

Thanks for the headsup my friend. & to the scammer reading this... Well, let's just say I don't like you very much. Douchebag.

The website pretends to redirect you to to login to your Steem account and to claim your reward, but you are not actually being redirected. A filthy phishing attempt. If you login you expose your password to the owner of this website!

@penguinpablo is right.
Thanks for educating my ignorant mind sir. I love you.
You have my upvote.

Thanks so much for informing us here, scammers are increasing in their number and strategies.

Thanks for the info. Peace, Kris

Thank you!! good Info .

Thanks for the info, i just receive it just now ..

thanks for the information👍👍👍


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!


Thank you for the heads-up. Resteemed and upvoted, my friend.

Red signal....... red signal...
Be care for the scam account of
Many many thanks Sir @penguinpablo, for the alerting blog.

Noted Sir

I had posted my private key by mistake. He took all my SBD. It's not this guy, this one @jiganomics And Thanks for sharing. It really helpful.

thank you for this very valuable information @penguinpablo, I have ne resteem your post so that every follower I can read it and more carefully again to trust anyone.

I've resteemed fo other users to know!

Resteemed! Thank you!

post a very remarkable friend I really like

Thank you for sharing this!, resteemed!

Thanks for alerting us, everyone in the community should be grateful. Best regards.

This need to be massively resteemed so that others can get this awareness @penguinpablo

yes, this is very important information. thanks @penguinpablo

Thanks for the info 😊

any time I get a wallet memo I mute the sender unread.

Thank you, penguin. I appreciate the heads up:)

Thanks for the warning :)

Ow my!
Thanks for the update
Sucks you can't trust anyone or anything
anymore these days 😑

Shared information

That sucks. Thanks for sharing this information

Thanks for the info! This is noted

Thanks for warning and sharing information @penguinpablo

dear penguinpablo your good post... i like your all post... I look forward to every one of your #post..thank you so very much for #sharing..

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a great deal. Resteemed for visibility.

In ecosystems like steem, where losing (or in this case exposing) your private keys can mean at best losing your liquid tokens before you recover your account and at worst losing the account forever, phishing attacks are really dangerous. Thanks for the warning, upvoted and resteemed!

Aaah, the good ol’ phishing techniques.. but there is a solution for it.. and that is common sense.. common sense is the best anti virus, anti trojan, anti phishing technique we will ever see.. Never Ever put your login credentials somewhere shady..

This is a clever attempt to defame a noble witness..
absolutely disgusting behaviour.. the amount of effort they made to create this page and everything, theh could have written 2-3 good posts to earn money through respectable means..

It's so cool I want to be like you

Thank you for the heads up!

I got a message like that myself.

wow!!! Thanks

Thank you, this may be one of your better posts and we the steemers thank you for looking out for us.

Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a member of @newbieresteemday, which began as a resteem day (pretty obvious, I know:) for new people to help give the good posts some extra visibility, but has since grown into a large community who welcomes as well as supports, educates and mentors new and not-so-new folks. Of course @gtg wouldn't be asking for private keys, but what might seem like pretty obvious information here to most people, it might be invaluable information to someone just starting out. I'm coming back here as the @newbieresteem account and resteeming this to our feed. Thank you so much! Cheers :)

Thanks for the warning!

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thank you for raising awareness of this phishing scam my friend!

steemit need to have a look at quickly resolving such thieves with a mac address // ip log and ban. next version ! good shout PP, I had a similar one the other day which supposedly alerted me to a copy of my post by @speckofdust which looked like it was redirecting me to log in....

I am only one month old here, but I like to read and to find out how steemit works, I have been offered to get more upvotes, but I have always liked everything earned the hard way, I have 3 teaching jobs, I live in Venezuela which is in a huge economical crisis, but I am grateful to God and now of course to steemit. I am also grateful to people like you who teach important things to the newbies like myself, thank you!

Thank you for sharing this.

Thanks for the heads up.

Good information, thanks for sharing

Thanks - and I say again - people must be either terribly bored or just criminals at mind - I do not understand it - Resteeming to warn others as well

wow thanks for information..

Thank you for the info.

Good to know, thanks for warning

Great information ... I share this post

Thanks for warning ✋✌✊

I had an idea its not right! At least I found your post ,hopefully nobody gets burned!

Thanks for information. Say no to scammer

Thanks for the heads up!
Resteemed it of course

Thanks for the heads up on that. So many scammers in the world, pretty sad...

It is great that is being brought to the attention of other steemians. Thank you!

Thanks for the info God bless...

Ohhhh, scam is very lol, thanks for your information @penguinpablo i want to be your friend, and mutual sharing, i need new information from you, please visit my blog @muhtadiaremi your upvote is very valuable to me

Thanks for this information..this

Thanks for sharing will repost to keep people aware. Thanks again we need to do our best to give this issues more exposure.

I alwys see your post and follow you.

Thank you for letting us know!

Thanks for the heads up @penguinpablo :)

Thanks for the alert!

i like.your much..thanks for sharing..

Thanks a lot, it keep us felt saver in this great community. Cause I'm a new one, just let me know what about in this platform.