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RE: Criminals behind Bitclub-Network Investment Scam

in #scam6 years ago (edited)

There's a video of Jeff drunk trying to explain to a client why he can't get the foreign passport for them like he promised. Have a look at it - should not be hard to find. I was drinking the coolaid of Jeff then I realised there was a problem. After that I then dug a bit deeper into Bitclub and found some doubts.


I saw that video awhile ago. The the truth is they were both doing something a little bit shady. The client was trying to buy a secondary passport and Jeff Berwick's contacts were sort of shady politicians. But to be fair both Jeff and the client claim to have anarchist values so if they view a law as unjust or useless an anarchist will just ignore it.Best case scenario Jeff was trying to sell a passport and the contact he had screwed Jeff. which is possible when defying laws you don't agree with and counting on contacts within the system

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