Just won 1.5 million dollars... compensation

in scam •  4 months ago

I have no clue what this is all about. Maybe my ex girlfriend's parents realized I deserve to get paid for putting up with her for two years.

scam 3.jpg

Doesn't that look like a credible email address?? Is it just me? And look at that guy's double name. Brilliant.

I already feel like I could trust him with my entire life.

Let's see what this awesome gentleman has to say before he hands me my free moneys.

scam 1.jpg

Oh, of course it's not spam!! Does that look like spam to you? All I see is a benevolent human being talking nonsense and trying to acquire my personal information. Nothing wrong with trying to take advantage of idiots on the internet. What a decent way to make a living. I already have respect for this gentleman, he earned my respect before handing me my free moneys.

Oh he also wants a photocopy of any ID I might have. I guess I could borrow my grandma's ID and I'm set. Free moneys babe!

After all it's imperative! Damn, I wish I could just not give out any info, but it's imperative!

scam 2.jpg

Oh, ain't that awesome?? We got a name! And a phone number! Yihaa! Let's find out who this GEORGE LAFFOR guy is! I wanna know what my saviour and sponsor looks like. Thank God he is such a boss he managed to get me my compensation money! All I have to do is find out what victimized me in the first place.

I receive such vast amounts of money by amazing gentlemen like our guy, George, quite often in my inbox. I just thought I'd share with the world how lucky I am and how generous those stupid scammers are.

Thanks for passing by!


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If only I had one dime for each of these emails...


True, I get tons of them daily! Looks like scammers just need to run their games on me.

Hey Lord, uhm... now that you're rich... ehm... could you, aaah, could you lend me a few thousand bucks to buy my own car?


... ehm... could you, aaah, could you


Oh that won't be a problem!! Thanks to this George Laffor guy it's more than easy for me now. Expect your new ride soon.