Ganjafarmer exposed! Scamming the community! Proof here!

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Click for proof! The evidence! Come one come all!

So Karla and this story? You all know I'm fakebook friends with Captain Richard marcinko. Let's just say I'm sure that an unauthorized account for him would be shut down instantly.

That's where I found this cause. I believe in it. And from my research it is true and actionable.

15 year old mom making crafts for her son to have health care?

Well here we go.

I'm getting flack. Must be over the target...

So I wrote up the message you get to see. And proof that this is the account I'm talking with.

I've never asked for a dime for another cause.

I bought an account for 6 steem. Currently the account karlaskrafts has 0.1 I believe? And teamgood created it for me. I handed off the keys to Karla and encourage her to change the keys as well as do her posts. Well as best she can as I'm hearing she is in the hospital still.

But am I posting as Karla? Nope. Got so many accounts it's swamped. I'm good. That's to help someone. You can quote me.

Now I've also went directly to Captain Richard marcinko. And here it is. My request.


Well sir I'm getting some major hate for promotion Karla and getting her support. I've done things and watched your actions and still support your cause and work. You do walk the walk. Thank you.

Well sir. I hate to ask anything for myself. But is there any way to me to do a video call? Or maybe a short video clip of you addressing the Karla situation?

I'll be honest. Some people are worried that Karla is a scam.

Personally? If you are you? There isn't a chance in hell that someone would fake your account. And you have the means and support to really shut down anything like that.

Personally I have people saying I'm scamming and running Karla's account. Which I'm very excited to see her getting a start.

I appreciate that you are a man of action. Not only have you helped me see things in a different life but some of your loyalty lessons served me well.

Again I hate to ask anything. But I hope you can understand. And I'm sure that we can provide verification of your mission. Without endangering the safety of a young mother.

Personally I feel like I'm doing things in a good way and want to continue helping. I'm donating my time and support to help Karla as your mission isn't a joke.

But I'm keeping the faith. Thank you for your service and may your ship always find safe harbors."

Well I've never done this for my own gain. And I've always done things from the heart. And been honest about everything! So....

Here it is. The full scam. And the rest is history...

Now... Captain Richard had a man named "Robert gordon" helping with the fundraiser. He has been found to have scammed the young mother and the community. He set up the gofundme and was running some craft sales.

Captain Richard has had action taken. Oh and many Veterans have offered help. The case is in the hands of authorities.

Only one fund is legit. And only one fund is actually active.

Captain Richard has recalled donations and been transparent with the community. He is a man of action.

But to the best of my knowledge? It's true. What I've seen is actually a good cause.

And hell. What if Karla is real. And we as a community just ripped her apart?

Not really cool. And that is a sad day where we are so jaded.

So I'm asking for some way to prove this is true. I'm not asking for donations. I'm not asking for anything. I'd like to see some good works going on. Not wars and drama all the time.

Sorry but if you don't like it? Here it is.

I been really attacked over this. And I can see how things are. Not everyone that calls you brother is meaning it.

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Nobody has attacked you. @miryam was trying to get to the bottom of this when you left the Team Good Discord server and logged off of Discord, at which point she was unable to DM you because you are no longer on a server with her.

Correction: We bought an account for her. You claimed you were unable to do so despite the contradictory claim right here that you "Got so many accounts it's swamped."

Screenshotted yesterday:



Which means we created the @karlaskrafts account on August 31 and you delegated 50 SP to @teamgood on September 5. Why wouldn't you have delegated that SP to @karlaskrafts?

We encourage you to do just that. If you support their account, then support their account. We cannot do so in good conscience while there is even the appearance of impropriety. Please remove your delegation from @teamgood to @karlaskrafts. Seems like a simpler solution than all this drama you claim you'd rather avoid.


I delegated because I believed in helping others.

And I'm definitely going to take your advise and pull the delegation.

And so I didn't send 6 steem for the account to be created? Funny as I have the transaction history.

But here is the thing. I'm not automatically going to attack another person because someone from teamgood ordered me to.

That's really not cool.

But now let's say I do get direct confirmation of Karla being real?

Now how's the headline that steemit attacks it's members over wild made up accusations? And in the process attacks a 15 year old mother?

Well... Gonna be some truth coming. And thanks for the bullying.

As for me I've always been honest...

And after being presented evidence... I'm more skeptical. And the verification I will keep others tuned into.

Maybe I've been taken for a ride on this.

Maybe the community is right.

If they are? I do apologize.