Scam Alert! - Fake @trevonjb on discord, Dont fall for this! — Steemit

Scam Alert! - Fake @trevonjb on discord, Dont fall for this!

in scam •  6 months ago

Recently i got private message from @trevonjb on discord, which was very weird, i know who this guy is and i thought it was unusual for him to contact me, still i was curious.


It quickly jumped into my attention his bad English, i was then pretty sure this was a scam and it was not the real trevon. I decided to play the game and see where this was going.

He continue to propose a delegation of 10000 steem power, but i had to send him some steem and SBD first.


He first ask for 50 SBD in return for 10K SP for 1 month, which of course is a very tempting offer. I know the real trevon was delegating Steem for a while, and maybe he was trying to redeem himself after the Bitconnect scandal by delegating some SP to minnows like me, it wasn't a crazy idea, but at this point i was 99% sure this was a scam, so i refused the offer saying it was not profitable enough.


He insist, and gives me a blocktrades adress for me to send the SBD, this totally confirmed to me it was a scam, why the hell would he ask to send the coins to blocktrades instead his steemit account? lol...

So now i was sure it was a scam, he continue arguing and trying to convince me, he did exactly what all scammers do, he then goes and ask for lower money (20 SBD) and even add a capture to prove me that he is serious... Of course i finally rejected his kind offer and moved on...


Now, i see on the @trevonjb account, some other user is asking him for his "promise", so my bet is this guy totally fallen in the scam and sent him 30 SBD just a few days back.



So this scammer strategy is targeting some minnows like me with a decent reputation and low steem power and offering this great deal, he just take the coins and that's it. I hope no one else falls for this kind of scams, as there is nothing to do, the money is gone, and really don't know how possible is to track those blocktrades transactions...

So be aware!, don't be so trusted, specially on discord...


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I hate scammers

I got message from @ngc fake as well , they seem to be one group, same case ie promise delegate or upvote by sending SBD to blocktrades, but because i know that it's scam i trying to play with him and he block me, lolScreenshot_20180603-074239.png

Resteemed. Thanks for sharing this and hopefully this will prevent others to fall for his scam.

It might be me, but I would never send anyone Steem or SBD outside of Steemit for any type of delegation. In fact, if someone approached me with an delegation offer, I would insist of getting it before I paid.

I looked into it with help from @drakos and it looks like "trevon" isn't reusing blocktrades memos so we can't easily connect past victims. I passed the details on to @blocktrades as well but I'm not sure if their privacy policy allows much to happen with this.

Best I can do is a resteem for public awareness

PSA (for others): If someone wants money from you, and you're only considering it because of who they are on steem then FFS only send the money directly to the steem account you know. Don't fall for cheap tricks like this.

At least if the money was sent to the trevonjb account he could be pressured to maybe give it back, but right now it looks like those funds are gone.


Thanks @ausitbank. Guess I'll join you to resteem this for more awareness..


Thanks for the resteem @ausbitbank!


Very beautiful post sir
Thank you for sharing post

would also not fall for the real trevonjb

There are lots of scams on the platform, the other time, one of them was asking for my mail that he will be of help to me, we all need to be extra careful


Yep, we have to be cautious and not trust anyone that easy...

You are right to be suspicious. There are plenty of crooks out there and I've heard of Lake losing money to them. We need their accounts to be shut down


I agree. They should face punishment, but I'm pretty sure they either have several accounts or can easily open new accounts.

Thanks for this scam alert. People, be careful!

Thank you for the heads up! I'll be paying close attention to this scammers. So far I haven't been contacted by anyone suspicious, but I'm sure they are lurking out there.

Why don't people just work and earn? Why do they have to extract money from those who are working their ass off? They deserve the worst punishment whatever it is 😡😡😡😡


Totally, if they put as much effort into scamming as they do into work im sure they'd do pretty well for themselves


Yeah, that should be the idea! So ignorant they are..

If someone contacts you on or Discord asking for money for a vote or delegation, 99.9999% chance it's a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, 99.9999% chance it is a scam.

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I've just had someone pretending to be him message me on Facebook about a bitcoin mining scheme. They blocked me when said I'd report them.

Good Job Rafa getting in front of this... I dunno if @blocktrades has a way to block this memo. I don't know exactly how to get a hold of him. But I will try my best.


Those memos are dynamic i think, as blocktrades transfers are anonymous... Maybe there is a way to track down the wallet where the coins ended up, but i dont know...


i contacted @ausbitbank i'm sure he can help us put the word out.

memos are dynamic, yes, but you need to put your account name (i think) however here to hoping the scammer is stupid.

If, the memo was used before, a few weeks ago or something from a steem account, and then there is a gap until the first victim. We might have found ourselves the scammer.

we need some SQL magic.


well said. i know only windows. and im not a scammer. love you guys. :D

So nice steemcleaners
Thank you for sharing post

Resteemed :-)