Bitcoin scaling may be solved already but is being withheld.

4 months ago

If you had the solution to Bitcoin scaling, you may be better off keeping it a secret for now. It seems quite likely that Bitcoin will split in the near future. Those that want a more capable bitcoin are going to switch to a new code, and those that want no changes to Bitcoin will probably maintain the old code.

But suppose you are sitting on the ultimate bitcoin solution, just invented it, tested and works great. There are many theories on how scaling could be done without a fork, just hasn’t been figured out yet- or so we think!

I’m not a coder and I have no resources, but here is what I would do if I or my team had the solution to scaling sans fork.

  1. Buy as much Bitcoin as we can, and hash power.
  2. Help maintain the old bitcoin code with hash power to make sure it survives a split unscathed.
  3. Convert all Segwit Bitcoins on market for Classic Bitcoins (given the hash distribution, probably get classic coins at a 10:1 ratio).
  4. Release the ultimate fix to bitcoin that requires no fork at all making the Segwit split redundant.
  5. Price swaps and you did nothing illegal.

Bonus: if your ultimate solution can’t be applied to segwit coins.


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