Monday crypto digest with Shark Trade

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How were your weekends?

Shark Trade marketing team is here to provide you with some crypto news, cause we know that «The one who owns the information - owns the World»🙌🏻

#Bitcoin has gained +8.65% during the last 24 hours and now trades with about $11 745 price
#Ethereum owners gaining profit as well, cause the TOP2 crypto has gained +4.83% and now trades with around $231 price

Meanwhile, Share Coin trades on #livecoin exchange and soon will be listed on a new one. The available pare will be SC/BTC so prepare your #bitcoins to earn some profit with SC trading✔️💻

The heads of Shark Trade has made a great job during the last year and now having some relax on the vacation. We are waiting for their come back with new planes and goals✔️✔️✔️

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