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Michelangelo, in 1499 made "La Piedad" in marble, in the basilica of Rome. In "The Piety" is Mary with the body of Jesus just down from the cross, then it is said that a madman went with a blow and entered to break and in twelve months the restorers came and in twelve months they fixed The Piety, and when the people will see her now, people rejoice for two reasons, first for the beauty of creation and second for the beauty of restoration. When life hits you and the marble breaks, God will come to “restore you” and you will have the glory for being his creation, and the glory for the restoration that he will do on the worst day of your life. lifetime.


Jerusalem was all broken, 50,000 Jews go, restore the temple. The walls were broken, and the news came to Nehemiah, that the temple was restored but that the wall was broken. Then Nehemiah prayed and fasted and said to God: "Give me success for me to go there" for anyone could enter if there was no wall; Nehemiah told himself: "I want to be part of the solution." Then he spoke with the king and said: "I need permits and resources to build the walls," and the king gave him resources and letters to let him pass. A good leader is part of the solution.

The king of heaven will give you the resources to solve all the dramas of your life.

If you are fast you advance the divine times

Nehemiah begins to pray for four months, he already had the armed plan. There were 1700 km from where I was, going to restore the walls, wait 3 days and then at night he gets up to investigate. It took 52 days to restore the city walls.

God is going to give you speed, you are going to do things that you had not achieved in a lifetime!

Open your mouth to rebuild

He used words to push, to move forward. That thought of faith is more than positive thinking. Daniel when he was in the lion's den, God did not avoid him, but he got into the den with him. God doesn't get you out of the problem, but he gets into the problem with you so you can get out of there and then do something big.

Sambalat: he mocks, he was governor in the north of Jerusalem and he thought about Nehemiah: "This one is going to rob me of the place," then I discouraged him by saying: "Even a fox can throw it into that wall you built." Every time Sambalat attacks him, he prays to God: "Look what this guy says, but you bless my hands." David was mocked and defeated the giant; Jesus also did it but then He rose again.

Every time someone mocks you will resurrect and you will have the head of

Your next Goliath in your hand.

No more broken doors in your life

  1. Door of the Sheep: the sacrifice. Talk to the Lord about other sheep, the door of testimony.

  2. Fish Gate: for the market, the door to financial prosperity.

  3. Puerta Vieja: ability to heal the past, make peace with yesterday.

  4. Puerta del Valle: the tests "although I walk in the valley ... I will fear no evil"

  5. Muladar Gate: restore the garbage door, it is there that I take out the bad, I confess my sins (some keep the garbage: hatred, anger, all bad emotions, hate has to go out that door).

  6. Source Gate: of the anointing, where I receive power from God. He will restore that door to you, so that when you pass by, you connect with the power of God.

  7. Water Gate: it is revelation. Water symbol of the Word. I restore the promises, my spiritual rights.

  8. Horse Gate: of strength, it is speed, some are without forces, need to increase them.

  9. Eastern Gate: it is the golden, two-leaf that was closed 2000 years ago by a Muslim. Jesus will enter through that door, they closed it and tried to open it twice. The Muslim closed it so that the Messiah does not come; but he will enter for her. Ezekiel says that Christ is going to come a second time, it is the door of hope: "Lift up your heads, and the King of Glory will come in" They are the doors that are open day and night!

  10. Judgment Door: where lawyers met, "God is my Judge, my justice."

There was little to finish the wall and Sambalat appeared again, "I have a prophetic word," he said lying. Nehemiah prayed again: "bless my hands" did not engage in fighting, raised his hands to heaven and prayed, and replied: "I have no time to lose, because I have to do something big." Some say they come from the Lord and it is a lie. God revealed to Nehemiah that Sambalat was going to attack him, so Nehemiah put the people with the sword in one hand and with the other they worked; after 52 days they finished the wall and the town gathered to celebrate.

All the doors of your heart that are broken, today are restored in the Name of Jesus!

The temple represents communion with God, so it is the first thing you have to restore. Then protect that relationship. How many of us did someone call us, did he give us something,a hug, and it did us good? Why don't we do it in another? God will give us the ability to restore. What is a leader? Someone who cares, there is nothing cuter than caring for someone. To take care you do not have to know the Bible by heart, you have to have a big heart of a father or mother and say: «I do not understand much, but I will call you, I will pray for you, we will be together until God bless you, prosper you, and lift you up. ”

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You can open your life but not unto the devil. Let us try to resist him and he will flea from our lives. Good sharing with us.