Free mind, then you have freedom.

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We say: "my partner does not leave me", "my boss does not want", "my friends do not agree". The other can condition me but never limit. I have to take charge of my life. We must change: "The other does not leave me" for "I decide". There I am free to decide my reactions and build my life.

True freedom is achieved when your mind is free. The worst prison in which you can live is mental pressure, the one that ends up being an obstacle to enjoy and reach all that is to come.

You can win hundreds of battles, liberate entire peoples, but if the slave mind is still rooted in your thoughts, everything you do will have the same results you got when you were imprisoned.

Moses being great cried for his people, in that weeping was the weeping of millions of Jews. When he was a baby, Pharaoh's daughter paid the real mother of Moses to raise him.

The enemy is going to end up paying you because you are going to mark people freeing them from all limitations.

Financial limitation: God will break in my life with that, there will be a break in your mental numbers. Hundreds of years ago you were prophesied that you are going to get out of the financial problem. God told the Israelites to ask the Egyptians for gold, not just freedom.

Breaking spiritual limitations: the Holy Spirit breaks with these limitations. You will not need any prayer, nor any person to intercede for you, because the Holy Spirit will be the one who will guide your life. The prodigal son said: "I have sinned" he acknowledged that he could not live without God's covering over his life; He had to hit bottom to give authority to the Lord. Blessings are for those who give spiritual authority to the Father in their life.

Mental breakdown: we say: "I was left alone, I'm going to die, I will not be able to, the house does not arrive". So it happened to the Israelites, they liked the desert more and that's why most of them died there; but Joshua and Caleb said, "let us go up to the earth," they spoke from below upwards, from the earthly to the spiritual. Those who renew the mind, we seek the things above, for from there comes wisdom, from above!

We must understand that there is always a blessing for our lives that we still do not capture because there is something of our character that prevents it.

In other words, there is something in our way of being that is preventing us from taking something that God has already given us. That is why, until that limiting factor of your character is not broken, you will not be able to receive that blessing.

Moreover, if you have already received a blessing in your life, there is still another factor in your character that is limiting you to be even more blessed.

If you are wise, you will look inward every day instead of looking at others, and you will ask yourself: "What is the trait of my character that is limiting my blessing?"

What is the teaching? You have to go to step in your place of blessing, because your step is your seed, and everything you step on God will give it to you and you will harvest it yourself or your children or your children's children. That is why God told Joshua: "whatever the sole of your feet treads, I will give it to you."

What I say to myself marks my success or my defeat.

Saul persecuted David to kill him, because David had been chosen as king. When the voices chase you, it is because hell knows, that you have been destined to rule in victory, in the name of the Lord. Saul never reached David, because the voice of hell never reaches the children of God, they can torment you, they can say no, they can persecute you, they will not capture you. Nobody becomes happy in a day, but there is a day that you know you will be happy. No one becomes a blessing in a day, but there is a day that you will be a blessing. Do you know why Jesus let Lazarus die ?, Because there are things that have to die, so that the life of God will lift you to a new extraordinary dimension. God let you touch the bottom, so that from the bottom you stand up, and raise wings like eagles, because what is coming will be better than what it was.

The eagle, when he is forty years old, his beak doubles, he can not capture his prey, some die, others look for a rock in the heights, and take refuge for five months, go into a rock and begin to hit the peak on the rock, until they literally fall to the bloody animal, his beak drops and he waits for a new one to grow, and when the new beak comes out, he begins to pluck feather by feather, one by one, he brings out all of them and when he is all bloody, he can not eat, he is weakened, he says that new feathers come out, the new beak, and thanks to that renewal, he lives thirty more years.

We go from glory to glory, you have not lost anything, it was only a peak, they were only old wings and those that come will give you thirty years of victory. Those who want to limit themselves to having a life without expectations, say: "I know I'm going to reach it", practice this promise. Yes, you say: "but I have nothing", God is a specialist in nothing, on the third day of creation he said: "Produce the earth" and all the earth produced, God did not sow a seed, God created from nothing, we have a word for those who have nothing, God of nothing is going to give you production, because for the children of God, what comes is always better!

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Powerful message @whaleska, the true freedom lies in our thoughts, the word says that we must take all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. It is a time of freedom!

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