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Be blessed all the people who follow us through the messages and our projects from Venezuela, we are still working here, despite the circumstances that we are going through with the faith held high, the eyes placed on Jesus, the author and finisher of the faith.
In the framework of the implementation of our macro project "Building a country" we have activated the resources and tools available to empower leaders in our nation, empower ministry, empower the church in order to establish a prior and a later in the history of our country.
We have united with entrepreneurs, coaching, people with leadership and speakers to inject that spirit of empowerment through the business world, for it analyzing the country situation, we are creating a network of professionals that are added to our first conversation via whataspp, this in order to reduce costs of resources, coupled with the delicate situation we are going through.
If you live in Venezuela, and want to place your talents and skills at the service of our country, we invite you to join this February 27 to our professional discussion. It is necessary to establish and strengthen the initial conferences, then carry out follow-ups, courses and online and face-to-face training when required.

The purpose of the meeting will be to generate a proposal that will strengthen the economic empowerment of men and women, through training, employability and entrepreneurship with organizations that continue to work to be agents of change in the communities.

Before entrepreneurship was an option in Venezuela, today is the only option to deal with the high cost of living. For this reason @sc-v, Vastago C.A, initiating the discussion: "Entrepreneurship in Venezuela", where we will work:

  1. The temores that entrepreneurs face.
  2. Stress management when undertaking.
  3. Use of social networks.
    The discussion begins at 10:00 am and at 2:00 pm will be the session of questions, answers and comments. For more information, contact via whatsapp at 584265810831.

Our country is going through one of the most difficult moments in its history. The topics of conversation changed and now we only talk about emigrating to other borders because of the complicated situation in which we find ourselves. For many, leaving is an option, but for others, betting on an enterprise in the country is not a bad idea.

The crisis generates significant human movements, and in them there are many opportunities.

The professor and lecturer in Retail Strategic Management, Trade Marketing, Jean-Marc Francois, raised a series of proposals that businessmen and businesses can adopt to surf the crisis that Venezuela is going through.According to Francois coffee is still one of the "profitable" businesses in Venezuela, motivated to the consumer tends to indulge in this drink. The expert emphasizes that the essential must be privileged to maintain "operational continuity"

You can read the full analysis at the following link:

The traditional brands associated with transnational companies have disappeared from the shelves or have a limited presence or are simply very expensive.

And that is an opportunity for Venezuelan products that were previously dominated by the most powerful and advertising names.

The purpose of the discussion is to share experiences and provide knowledge about the current challenges faced by entrepreneurs who want to develop an idea, a business project and who aspire to know the methodologies to land it in reality, sustain it and monetize it.
We are to restore, to encourage our people to fulfill their dreams, we do not know how, we do not know when, but God will bring a new dawn to our earth, and will find hearts prepared to receive the early rain and the latter rain.

"All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them." Taken from the book How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life.

For more information:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Whatsapp: +584265810831

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@childrensclothes through Vastago C.A, present in the discussion for entrepreneurs, thanks for the initiative of @sc-v, building Venezuela.

This is great to undertake and motivate entrepreneurship in these crucial times that our nation lives @darlenys01, always praying to the eternal God to help you consolidate your projects for the good of our nation and your ministry.
Many blessings and success in this initiative. God with you.

I activate @darlenys01, for this work that continues, we can not go back, seeing the target, Jesus Christ.

It is a wonderful idea, I have been witness as many Venezuelans are getting ahead thanks to the endeavors in many areas, Thanks @ darlenys01 because you are supporting this beautiful country with all your heart, in the name of God.

This is an excellent initiative @sc-v, I think we are at a point where the brave must take the action that is required to get ahead.

It is incredible as Venezuelans have exploited their talents, their gifts, we have seen not only the bad of these moments, we have also seen the human being with extraordinary abilities.

This is an excellent idea @sc-v, to promote entrepreneurial initiative in our country, the crisis generates opportunity.

It is a good option for those who are far away.

Great job @sc-v.

Let's continue contributing to our country.

I remember when we did the professional maquilalje course, we went to the classroom, the conversations by whatsapp and the doubts, many of us have applied this in a work way and in fact it has been very successful. I think everything is in our spirit of struggle and conquest.