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Blessings my brothers of @SteemChurch:

In spite of all the inconveniences presented in these last weeks in our country, we continue until we finish with the holiday plan "Children for freedom”

During the month of August we carried out several recreational activities with children, aged between 6 and 12 years. It has been an unparalleled experience, which fills us with satisfaction, seeing the joy of the little ones.

A few days ago visiting some communities, we met a group of children in a very disadvantaged sector of our country. When we asked them what they wanted to do on a vacation day, they answered that they wanted to go to the sea, play, run. For this reason, We decided to close our vacation plan on a beautiful beach in our city, making this beautiful generation happy.

Helping children to fulfill their dreams, leads to a life of personal growth, you can only observe their innocence, their kindness, their happiness with only a little time that we can devote to them.

Loving and serving the youngest and the most needy is one of the most beautiful works we can do. Fill our hearts with joy and make us experience that we, in reality, are the most needy; that we always receive more than we give and that really, the face and the gaze of God - when we see it in heaven - will look a lot like one of those simple people we love

"There is more joy in giving than in receiving," this is a reality that can only be believed when one lives. Sometimes we believe that we are the ones who are going to help others and on the contrary, we realize that when we serve with love, dedication and generosity to one of these vulnerable children, we receive more, we realize how much we need and that we also have our poverty. Thus our hearts are filled with an authentic and profound joy, our hope is renewed in which it is possible to transform the world and our heart burns with a greater love and with a greater desire to give to others. When you get on this "roller coaster" it's hard to stop.

We want to thank all those people who collaborated with us during this month in these activities. Thanks once to our beloved @SirKnight for being so special and supporting us in this beautiful way.

To the team of @sc-v (@xiore, @taty17, @lorennys, @emiliocabrera, @mildreduh, @marialara, @giacamila77, @abordo2000, @xioran, @ricci01, @elion, @laramrm, @kenaliz85, @christibri, @elgringo79, @mosdad, @doumerromero, @mariela)

A special thanks @adollaraday on behalf of @pennsif, @cryptocariad, @cryptocurator, @globocop, @goldendawne, @hopehuggs, @jznsamuel, @marblely, @nikolina, @onemedia / @soundbath, @steeminganarchy and witnesses @drakos, @followbtcnews , @quochuy, @steemcommunity and @yabapmatt for their constant support.

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A Dollar A Day is very happy to support your great projects.

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Today was one of those special days that mark our lives, although I am a bit exhausted, I am happy when I know that God lives, when I see him in a smile of a child, thank God for allowing me to give his love to the people who need it.

Our heart reaches fullness when we love, and children are an unprecedented way of loving.

Wao! a child's smile is priceless, definitely apostle @darlenys01 eston is going to spread to the nations.

Soon these children will return to school but, they will not forget what they experienced during this vacation! Thank you SK for helping us at home step of the way! It was a very special day. God bless SteemChurch.

Congratulations to all the people of @sc-v are doing very impressive and life-changing things, blessings beloved apostle @darlenys01.

La emoción que se debe sentir al brindarle un poco de alegria a esos niños en estos momentos no tiene precio @sc-v. Esperemos pueda repetirse en los próximos años y gracias a los que de alguna u otra manera colaborarón para hacer realudad este sueño de @steemchurch. Saludos para todos ustedes

I believe that children are the maximum and deserve many things, we are happy to see them full of joy.

Those little ones made us happy the day, how good is God! Thanks @darlenys01.

A wonderful day that left me a great message: Let us be like children, pure and full of love!

The happiness and joy of children fill my heart! So many smiles on their faces, I can never forget. I think the moments that come with bread from heaven will be happier Apostle Darlenys!

It was a very beautiful activity full of enthusiasm and love. Thanks @darlenys01 for teaching us to love in this special way.

Beautiful job.!! with the mere fact of seeing that smile is those children you can tell they really did all that for Love! God bless you..!! excellent work @sc-v @darlenys01 @emiliocabrera

Beautiful exercise there. It's great to see @sc-v is dedicated to adding value to the lives of young people in Venezuela. God bless @Darlenys01 and her entire team. Keep doing the good work

This of God's plan and vision as @sc-v has decided to put the lost hope back in the lives of these young children's.

Something beautiful is happening here in Venezuela, thanks for this beautiful work @darlenys01, thanks @sirknight.

give of grace what you have received grace, God is good at all times, and in this closing of the holiday plan closes with a flourish, truly with BREAD OF HEAVEN.

Happy to see these children so happy, this is a special way to love. We have all learn the way to live for from our leader @sirknight.

I am happy for sc-v and to celebrate with my beloved ones

congratulations for such an excellent job.

excellent work, congratulations! nothing like the smile of the little ones.