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Since I am relating to Jesus Christ, I have been able to understand how many things I have left behind because his powerful hand has touched me with his grace and his infinite mercy, every time I am surprised by everything he has done in me and how he has changed me; However, I can also see how many more things I need to change in me. I am so imperfect, I have so many weaknesses, but you know what, my weaknesses are not greater than the desire I have for God to change me, to take my heart, cleanse it and purify it and give me a new one according to theirs. Can you imagine with a heart equal to that of Jesus? Wooooooo! It must be wonderful! Although I have no doubt that it is also a painful process.


Imagine a burn on the body, how many times it is cleansed and purified to remove the dead skin or ointment until the wound heals and the new skin can begin to emerge. It is also our heart in the hands of God, He has to cleanse and purify it, remove all the evil that is in it, heal it and once healthy fill it with the peace and relief that He can give us; However, healing implies that wounds are hurt and this causes a lot of pain. As in the case of the burn, the cleansing and purification of our heart also causes ailment, but it is also true that this discomfort does not surpass the reward we have from God, for greater is our growth and likeness in Jesus Christ when We decided to let ourselves be changed by Him.

No matter what I have to hurt, I want God to change me despite everything, I want to be like Jesus, I want to change the bad I have for the good that He has to offer me; I do not want to live for myself, I want to live for Him and in order to achieve it I have to be transformed by his power, because only He has the authority and the capacity to make of me what He wants me to be, in my strength I will never be able to change.

I invite you to reflect and check your heart, if there is something you no longer want to carry or something in you that you do not like, tell the Lord to change it in spite of everything, regardless of the process you have to experience. I challenge you to give your life and trust your powerful hand, let it work on you, let it change you and make you who you really should be.

I decided to take on the challenge, I am at the mercy of Jesus Christ, He does as He wants with me and maybe many around me do not understand what is happening to me, even I do not understand it myself; But the important thing is that if He knows what is happening, He is in control of everything and whatever happens I'm sure it's for my own good, so the process that I have to go through hurts.

I trust in his promises, his word is the incentive I need to resist the pain and leave me confident in his hands in the most difficult moments of my transformation process. "So do not fear, because I am with you; do not worry, because I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will sustain you with my victorious right hand. " Isaiah 41:10 (New International Version).

No matter what you have to go through, it is worth changing in the hands of God, it is worthwhile to be molded according to the image of Jesus Christ!

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you are right @mariela, it hurts to be passed through the oven, it hurts to be shaped by the potter, but it is wonderful when we understand his love, his tenderness, and we look like him.