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Greetings friends and brothers in Christ. It is very certain that you know many people who are told about Christ and when you ask if they want to receive Christ in their hearts, the answer is: no, we will wait a little; In short, they harden the heart like a stone.

I know of a person, who has been constantly preached to Christ, and his response to receive it is always negative. About a year ago, the pastor visited him at his home and called him to receive Christ and said no; A few days later he had an accident at work that almost lost his life, despite this, the pastor went to visit him at the clinic where he was hospitalized, preached it once more and asked if he wanted to receive Christ as his Savior. The answer remained, no.

When he left the clinic he could not recover his legs, and even in those conditions, he remained hard in his heart to receive Christ.

The hardness of the heart can be so fatal, that today you can be alive in this world as you can also be in an eternal torment in the other world.

In the book of Exodus 3: 19-20, there is an example of a hardened heart, it is about Pharaoh, who constantly refused to accept God's will to free the people of Israel. This hardness of heart cost the life of his firstborn, to whom God, in the last plague that he sent to Egypt, took the life of all the firstborn of Egypt, including the firstborn of Pharaoh. After this bitter experience was when Pharaoh let the children of Israel go through the desert.

It is sad and painful that for our hardness of heart we have to experience pain, suffering and even the anguish of the death of a loved one.

If today you hear the voice of God, do not harden your heart and ask God to enter your life and fill it with peace, health and love.

More I know that the king of Egypt will not let you go, except with a strong hand. But I will reach out and hurt Egypt with all my wonders that I will do to him, and then he will let you go (Exodus 3: 19-20).

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