Reflections of life: the joy of salvation

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Greetings and blessings to the church of Steemit.

Psalm 35: 9 says

Then my soul will rejoice in Jehovah; He will rejoice in his salvation.

The satisfaction of the soul focuses on the majestic personality of God and not on the goods of this world. We are happy when we have money in our pockets, we enjoy a good house, luxurious furniture, bank accounts, we enjoy vacations, trips, good income and good social positions. All this is good, but when you stop having it, it seems that joy runs out, because we no longer have the same comforts. This depresses us, anguishes us and our mood shows that we live as defeated. The pleasures of life do not guarantee us the true joy of the soul. Solomon could say that all this is vanity.

When David experienced the pleasure of the flesh with the wife of one of his best friends, Uriah; David felt miserable and manifested in Psalm 51:12 that he had lost his joy. He begged the Lord to return the joy of salvation. David felt bad, ruined and moral on the ground. He knew that joy had lost him in the pleasures of the flesh, now he begged God to return the joy of salvation.

The delight of life does not consist in the abundance of goods that we possess, true joy comes from God. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, it does not depend on the world, but comes from God.
We don't have to look for joy in the goods of this world, where everything is vanity, what it is today, tomorrow ceases to be. The joy of the Lord is constant and permanent, it flows continuously as a source within our being.

Satan steals our joy when he brings jealousy, dissension, demands, anger and unforgiveness into our lives.
In this Psalm 35: 9, the Word teaches us that Jehovah's salvation produces a permanent joy that has nothing to do with the riches of this world, but with the permanent presence of God in our lives.

The problems and situations of chaos in the world afflict us and bring us sadness, but we must learn that true joy comes from God and manifests in our lives when we accept Christ in our hearts. From there we can say:

Then my soul will rejoice in Jehovah; He will rejoice in his salvation (Psalm 35: 9).

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