Meditation: Jacob's battle with God

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Jacob's battle with God is an interesting story, told in Genesis 32: 24-32. This story sometimes comforts us, as it also brings us doubts, why the Lord had to bless someone like Jacob, who by deception stole the birthright of his brother Esau. However, the same story fills us with confidence, knowing that the same God who extended his grace to Jacob also extended it to us through his son Jesus Christ.

In an important episode of the story told in Genesis 32: 24-32, Jacob develops a battle with a completely extraterrestrial being, that is, with a being that is not from planet Earth, which some conclude later by saying that against God. Some scholars of the Word say that Jacob fought against pre-incarnate Christ; and others say it was against an angel with whom Jacob fought. Whatever the case, the truth is that the nation of Israel received its name from Jacob, to whom God later gave it the new name of "Israel," which means "he who fights with God."

Then Jacob was left alone; and a man fought with him until dawn (Genesis 32:24).

Despite Jacob's many weaknesses, he became very dear to God. And through this strange struggle he had with God, he presents us with a model of the effort necessary for effective prayer (Col 4:12).

We must be firm and persistent in prayer, not abandon spiritual struggle and wait on God until we get the blessing.

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Amen @kimbi09, the firm and constant prayer is very useful in our Christian life.
Thanks for sharing.