The benefit of being obedient to God

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God gives more importance to obedience than to any sacrifice that man can present to him. God loves the obedient and rewards him with the best of his kingdom.

The Bible says in Genesis 6:22

###> "And Noah did it; he did according to all that God commanded him.

What could people imagine in the days of Noah that a storm was approaching! Nothing made me think it would come. However, as Noah believed God, he prepared for the flood that God promised. Surely there was no lack of teasing, but he built the ark (Gen 6: 9-22).

The cornerstone of obedience to faith

We must understand this, that obedience is the cornerstone of our faith in God. Just as Noah's obedience brought him the blessing and reward of God, the disobedience of his contemporaries led them to destruction. At the time of the flood, the physical salvation of mankind fell to Noah and his will to be used by God.

The ark anticipated the salvation of sin

The ark simply anticipated the eternal salvation of sin, which is within our reach through Jesus Christ. Just as Noah's faith saved him and his family, our faith saves us today. We are saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2: 8-9). The construction of the ark did not bring Noah closer to God, but to his obedience and faith.

Having it dry and safe was secondary.

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