Life lessons: don't be anxious to get rich

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I share a brief reflection on an aspect that often steals people's peace and tranquility. It is about the desire for wealth. There is an interesting proverb that says:

Don't worry about getting rich; Be prudent and surrender (Proverb 23: 4).

The problem is not that wealth is bad. In that case, God is rich and when he placed the first man in the garden of Eden, he placed him in a paradise where man lacked no good.
The problem lies in the fact that when the man lost all comforts due to his rebellions, he had to work hard to feed and dress. God took him out of paradise and told him that he would eat from the work of his sweat. From this perspective, man's focus has been work as a means of production and accumulation of wealth.

Through the divine law, God has sought to make changes in the way of thinking of man, with the purpose that man invest more time seeking the presence of God, than devote more time to accumulate wealth through work.

The Lord Jesus told his disciples that "the life of man does not consist in the abundance of goods he possesses." That said, due to man's desire to continue accumulating great wealth.

Similarly, the Word mentioned at the beginning of this article says: "Don't worry about getting rich."

When Job said: naked, I left my mother's womb and naked I will return there.

Seek to accumulate wealth and know that at the end of life we ​​will leave without it, suggests the emptiness of desire for the material.
The Lord Jesus said: "I came so that they may have life and have it in abundance."
Life is not in wealth, true life is in Christ. That is why the same proverb says: "Be prudent and surrender."

If life is hidden in Christ and not in wealth, then prudence should lead to the knowledge of caring more for serving Christ than serving wealth.

You cannot serve two teachers, because you will love one and hate the atro. Then, the desire for wealth must be set aside and serve God with a sincere heart full of love.

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@johalys48 eagerness or anxiety comes do not from God, they are not fruits of the spirit, we must certainly serve God with all our heart.
Thanks for sharing