We are testimony of God on this earth

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Mark 5:19 _ "But Jesus would not let him, but said to him, Go to your house, to yours, and tell them how great things the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you."

There are many Christians who love to tell the testimony of their conversion as many times as they can, others prefer to live in anonymity.
The Bible tells us that Paul apparently liked to always talk about the wonders that God had done in his life. It seems that God likes people to talk about what He has done with many people when He has given healing or done some other miracle.

However, we can notice that on this occasion Jesus sends this man in whom he has worked a miracle that he only told his people.
Jesus always acted in different ways according to the miracle he did, in this case instead of ordering the man not to divulge it as in the case of the healing in Galilee, Jesus commissioned him to give testimony of his release, experience, possibly because in that Gentile region the Messianic sentiments of Judaism had not ignited.

We are testimony of change and reflection of God. Each action we perform should be the result of the guidance and wisdom that he gives us through his word. It is important to tell others about the great things God has done with us.
There is a special blessing and many benefits in telling the story of our conversion in addition to all the miracles and wonders that God has done with us.

We are witnesses in this land that only God can change and transform, because, in doing so with us, it is a miracle of what He has done in our life....

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Telling others of what God has done in our lives is a reason for gratitude to God.
Thanks for sharing @ giacamila777.

Great truth my sister, we must certainly share the great things that God has done and will continue to do in our lives.

God bless you always in the name of Jesus Christ.

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