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The world today is convulsed by the various crises and tribulations that are presented today as the product of an effect caused by humanity itself.
And I would like to reflect on this prophecy that was given in a period of very severe crisis in the middle of a drought that obviously affected the political and economic social life of the city, specifically damaging humanity in general.
Droughts in the Bible were generally caused by people's rebellion and rebellions against God.

JEREMIES 14: 1-18
14 Word of Jehovah that came to Jeremiah, on the occasion of drought.
2 Judah was mourned, and its doors were depopulated; they sat sadly on the ground, and the cry of Jerusalem rose.
3 The nobles sent their servants to the water; they came to the lagoons, and found no water; they returned with their empty vessels; they were ashamed, confused, and covered their heads.
4 Because the earth cracked because it had not rained in the country, the farmers are confused, they covered their heads.
5 Even the deer in the fields gave birth and left the young, because there was no grass.
6 And the wild donkeys stood high, sucked the wind like jackals; His eyes were obfuscated because there was no grass.
7 Although our iniquities testify against us, O Jehovah, act for the sake of your name; because our rebellions have multiplied, against you we have sinned ... (NIV)


What can cause a drought in a city or town or in a person? - Drought spiritually means having a null relationship with God or opposition against God which means that a person who does not have any kind of relationship with God is exposed to any situation of rebellion against him

An example of this we read in these verses cited where Jehovah speaks to Jeremiah to show the reason for the drought in Juda.
It is obvious that Jeremiah as a prophet of God prays to Him to show his mercy for Juda, however, God's response is not favorable since that people were arrogant and rebellious without any disposition of repentance.

In that sense it is important to reflect today on all the similar situations that occur in the world today and people prefer to go after other gods and not seek the face of the only true God.

It is important to emphasize that God is love and mercy but it is also a consuming fire and He does justice in the nations when he empties his anger on the earth for the rebellion of man, because in this case for the lack of repentance God sends a triple punishment of the sword, the hunger and the pestilence, and I ask, perhaps there are no similar facts on earth today?

Disobedience to God brings serious problems to the nations and there are sins or rebellions so great that God refuses to have mercy because they have provoked the wrath of God and that is extremely terrible for going against what God as supreme creator has established.

I invite you to reflect on this passage and the serious consequences that occurred in the drought of a city that may be our city or our life because the reality is that the pride and rebellion of man by the commandments established by God have missed and have been protagonists of their own laws that undoubtedly go against everything created by God.


Excellent reflection @giacamila777, because certainly the drought is a sign of the lack of God in the life of a nation or people and because of it, unfortunate disasters always occur where you have to repent to reach the mercy of God.

This is a Very Good post!
It breaks down the current situation in a manner that most everyone should understand. I would go so far as to say "if You don't understand this, it's because You don't want to"...