God is my multiplier

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Psalm 107: 33.35
The Lord converts rivers and springs
in deserts and dry lands;
34converts fertile lands into nitrates,
for the evil of its inhabitants;
35converts deserts into lagoons
and dry lands in manantiales


Our God is the only maker of wonders, he is the only one who multiplies when there seems to be nothing, there was sadness for joy and weeping for joy.
God never acts as a diminution, on the contrary he acts as a multiplier of love, of faith, of vision and of noble purposes.
Today I want to motivate you to never look to God as someone who subtracts, looks to God as what a multiplier is.
It is true that sometimes we look at God as a diminution when it goes wrong in some sense, but today I want to invite you to say: My God is enough to change any situation- I always want to look at you as a multiplier, for you are my God , my shield, my hiding place, for that reason I want to walk safely before your presence sir

And although God often acts to turn the fruitful earth into sterile for the wickedness of mankind He never wants this for you, because he is not diminishing his people, He always wants to give you the opportunity to look at him as your multiplier.

¡Thank you, sir, for looking at you as a multiplier of my life!

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Glory to God! @ giacamila777 God is my multiplier, I believe it, he is not interested in the decrease, but in the multiplication of all areas of our lives.
Thanks for sharing. God bless you.