Dressed in our armor

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First of all, a cordial greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to all the people of God in general, who share the beautiful message of the good news of salvation. Peace be with all of us.

Therefore, put on all the armor of God, by the time the bad day comes you can firmly resist until the end. (Ephesians 6:13)

In this era we are experiencing obstacles that disturb our spiritual peace through different events that may exist at the time we least expect it, so we must maintain a close and firm relationship with Our Heavenly Father so as not to hesitate in those moments of turbulence. . and destabilization to which we are exposed daily. For this reason, we must have our armor with God so that when the day of tribulation comes we can have the strength to fight for the Glory of God.

Life presents us with challenges on a daily basis, and sometimes it is difficult to remain animated, with the desire to move forward and fight until the obstacle is overcome. It is good to know that we can find words of encouragement in the Holy Scriptures! God knows us, and in his divine mercy he gives us words that encourage us to move forward, to trust, regardless of the difficulty we are going through.

We are in a battle and we need to keep our eyes on what is real: eternal life. Don't let the daily struggles distract you in such a way that you forget that, thanks to your faith in Jesus, victory and eternal life are yours.

Dear friend Remember that you are not alone! Jesus Christ is our savio

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Well said here "Dear friend Remember that you are not alone! Jesus Christ is our saviour. Good to share with us.