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God's way of giving has been the most perfect and honorable of all the teachings that God's people should consider, to imitate God and receive from God the most abundant blessings of the act of "giving."

What is God's way of giving?
The Bible teaches us in the Gospel of John 3:16, that when God has to give, He does it with love.

Because God loved the world in such a way, that He has given His only begotten Son, so that all who believe in Him will not be lost, but have eternal life.

The act of giving of God is an act of love that comes from the depths of your heart. God did not take any offering to present it on the cross of Calvary, he did not take anything in particular that did not have an immense price, but something very special that came out of his heart. God took his own Son, not having a superior offering in his kingdom, apart from his own Son, he took it to purify us from the curse of sin.

The act of giving of God is love.
He did not do it by obligation or because it was his duty, or because it was his responsibility. He did it simply because God loves us, and that love of God for us could only compare him for the love of his Son, which is the greatest and most valuable thing in his entire kingdom.

If we review the Old Testament, we will find that when God chose Moses to send him to the children of Israel and show him what God thought of them, God gave Moses the tables of the law that contained the Ten Commandments, with which the people Israel had to adjust its moral lifestyle. However, in the New Testament, something more glorious happens from God, who now sends his son Jesus Christ to the children of Israel, to reveal his heart. Jesus Christ was the messenger of God, but with a message full of love and relationship.

In the Old Testament, God reveals what he thinks and incorporates it into the tables of the law so that the children of Israel adopt a moral way of life, but in the New Testament God reveals to the children of Israel his heart based on his love through his Son Jesus Christ with whom the children of Israel will have communion with God.

Based on the love of God, the Lord's church must model its act of giving to God, not as a responsibility, a duty or an obligation, but as an act of worship and love of God.

Our praises, sacrifices, offerings and tithes should focus on an intimate act of worship and love for God. Not doing it because I feel obligated to do it, or because it is a duty to do it; Simply and simply do it as God did for me and for you, for love.

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@elpastor, giving must be a unique act of faith and love, and when we do it with our hearts we honor God, because we are corresponding with love and adoration to his unconditional love. DTB