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"10 A virtuous woman, who will find it? Because his estimate far exceeds that of precious stones. 11 Her husband's heart is trusting in her, and there will be no loss of profit. 12 He gives her good and not bad, all the days of his life. "
Proverbs 31: 10-12

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One of the keys that made of this, a virtuous woman, were the economic results that she brought to her house. Clearly, the Bible says that this woman brought profits to her home. Definitely, the woman plays a very important role within the family, and in the economic results; And God wants that economic freedom for every woman, regardless of their civil status. By nature, women are oriented towards relationships; Relationship with the husband, with the parents, with the children; And, many times, your life revolves around these. But there are several very important things to keep in mind in order to have a good relationship specifically with finances and with money.

First, your own value. The first thing this writing says about this woman is that her esteem, the value she gives herself, surpasses that of precious stones. Something that every woman needs to understand is that her definition of who she is, what she deserves - that is nothing other than self-esteem, self-worth, what you think about your intelligence, your achievements, your abilities, yourself - always goes to affect your relationship with money. There is no such thing as having a healthy self-esteem and a poor relationship with money. In the same way, gentlemen; Your self-esteem, the way you look, how you visualize yourself determines your decisions, what you are going to do, how you act with the money.

Religion, for example, has tied many, wanting to break our relationship with finances; It teaches us that we have to be humble - and there is nothing wrong with that; But being humble does not mean that we have to be poor. That is an incorrect appreciation of your value that will be reflected in your finances. Your value comes from your relationship with the Lord, from knowing yourself. You can also make the mistake of investing or spending, without realizing that you do as a result of an emotional deficit, and when you open your eyes you have the credit cards to the limit, when what you needed was to change the perspective of yourself , the way you were looking or that someone made you see.

Proverbs 31 begins by telling us about the esteem of the virtuous woman, but the second verse tells us immediately about her relationship with her husband; And the rest of the chapter, about their relationship with their maids, with their children, because women are characterized by their relationships, but also by caring for them and many things. In general, women do not want to have anything to do with finances; Take care of the husband, the parents, the children and their education, of so many things, but he does not even want to think about working with the accounts, with the creditors. If this is your case, you have to change your thinking, because you think that you do not relate to finances, but the reality is that you do have a relationship, a dysfunctional relationship, one that you want to do from afar, like any dysfunctional relationship.

Maybe you do not get involved in finances because you think you would carry a very big responsibility; It is easier to leave it to someone else. There are societies that believe and teach that women should not handle finances. You may be afraid to make financial decisions; There are those who feel little trained, they feel that it is too much pressure. In the past, the woman stayed in the house; In the times that we live, many are forced to work because of economic pressure, which requires that there be two salaries in the home; Others, they do it because they want to develop. And the benefit is obvious: When we have someone interested, that household finances are a priority, we have better results.

If you have a dysfunctional relationship with money, you do not want to take responsibility, that is how all dysfunctional relationships are resolved: First, you have to acknowledge your mistakes. Ask yourself what mistakes you have made in your relationship with your finances. Maybe you have not paid the attention it deserves, you have not learned what you need to learn to make the decisions you have to make, you have made wrong decisions, you have delegated it. You have to accept and recognize what your mistakes have been regarding your relationship with finances. Maybe you have not done the proper calculations, you are not aware of how much you have, how much you spend, how much you have left. Titling is something that helps you to be aware of how much you have left, because it takes you to do the calculation and you can see what you are using your money. Recognize what was your mistake. In the second place, you have to take responsibility, the responsibility that belongs to you, what you have done well and what is not. And the third thing is to take the necessary measures: Where are you today? What do you want to achieve? And, what do you have to do to achieve it?

In the Word, we are told about a woman who remains a widow, and the creditors were going to take their children as slaves in payment for the debts. The problem of this woman not having been involved at the time of her husband's decisions, now that her husband is not there, she is responsible for something she does not know how to solve. Interesting that she clarifies that her husband was a servant of God, but even the people who serve the Lord, make wrong decisions that can affect finances. If she had perhaps been more involved, if perhaps he had allowed her, they would not have reached that point, or at least she would have been conscious. But this woman did what needs to be done, takes responsibility, goes before the prophet, before the man of God, acts, and the Bible shows us the miracle that happens on that occasion: The oil multiplies.

Maybe today you are in a similar situation, spending difficult times economically speaking. Perhaps, like that woman, you have never faced a situation like that of having to work, support your children, and today you are at this crucial moment and you do not know what to do. The prophet gave that woman instructions to get out of the situation she was in and see the miracle of provision in their lives. We pray that you will receive this revelation, and be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit who gives you the instructions so that you can also see the provident hand of God working the miracle in your life.


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Well you said @darlenys01, we women have a special function in each area.

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Excellent message @darlenys01, to the woman help the man, for good works, for administration of your home and your economy, the heart of your husband is in it confident.

Hello excellent sister darlenys01 written, The woman is the ideal helper for the man and not only the complement is the great support in everything related to life in the couple, it is the one that is enabled for attention in the family in all aspects In the economic, family, among others. It is a pillar of the family that is oriented, helps and confronts the family of the family and always very successful in what concerns the administration of family finances. For something God unites them and once. The woman is as referred to in her article in Proverbs 31: 10-12
So God wanted to trust his wife.
God bless you greatly

The woman is of honor for her children, for her husband, her role is fundamental in the family.

The woman a fundamental piece to build the desired society, its capacity is intelligence, wisdom and honor.

Excellent @darlenys01, for something we are virtuous women and ideal help to our husbands. Therefore, we are involved in all the businesses , as well as being a fundamental pillar in directing our families.

Great @darlenys01, a good woman is that one who has good heart and uses Christian teachings to bring up her household neighbours, and to also manage her things well to meet her expectations. Thank you for sharing with us.

God bless you for this message

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God bless you for this message.
I'm resteeming this.

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