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Greetings to all friends and brothers in Christ. An example of a bright life can be found in the biblical account of the book of Ruth 1: 17-22. She is a woman who, out of obedience to her husband, left the land of Israel in times of hunger to take refuge in the fields of Moab. It's about Naomi.

After following the steps out of obedience to her husband, she and her two children went to the land of the Moabites, where later, her two children and her husband perished. Life was practically ruined, now she was alone in foreign land without the warmth of her family. Anyone in Naomi's conditions could have fallen into a deep sadness and no desire to continue living. However, Naomi's life was not like that, he clung to life, although it apparently reflected an aspect of bitterness, he made the decision to return to his homeland in Israel, where God was visiting Israel with bread for a great blessing. Maybe Naomi said: "Although I no longer have my husband and children with me, maybe there can still be fruit in my life."

The wonderful thing about it is that God had not abandoned her, but that God also used her, so that Naomi would bring with her a Moabite named Ruth, who would become nothing more and nothing less than the mother of the man from whom she would come King David and the redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ.

The loyalty of his daughter-in-law Ruth is shocking in the relationship of these two women. Loyalty is what is most desired in the people of God and in the church of the Lord.
Loyal people almost always modify their personal agenda to meet the needs of the people they serve. Loyalty pays a price, just like the Moabite Ruth, who in following Naomi, paid the price of leaving her family and friends to serve Naomi.

Ruth's loyalty to Naomi, God also rewarded her, giving Ruth, a loving husband, a beautiful son, and included her in the family lineage of Jesus Christ.

Although Naomi went through a strong process of suffering, she planted love in her daughter-in-law Ruth and reaped the most coveted loyalty of human relationships.

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