Lesson 37: Christ my resting place

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May the love and peace of God the Father be with you all in the name of Jesus.

In this new lesson we will share about Christ as a resting place for anyone who decides to come at his feet.

The world is overwhelming, irritating with all its demands and material demands for daily life.
Stress in a super agitated society like the one we live in takes you into a life of negative emotions that rob you of peace.
Anguish, despair, eagerness, anxiety and a whole set of emotional things that invade your whole being, take you to the edge of despair.
To speak of a society like Venezuela is to describe a life of anguish and despair; because, by the same hyperinflation, life becomes stressful and overwhelming. The psychological and emotional effects of the same economic situation in the country, confuse you emotionally and you are exposed to psychosocial imbalance.

It is necessary to pause all problems and find a resting place. A place where you can get rid of all your worries, anxieties and burdens. You need a sweet rest and shed all burdens of sins and problems. It requires an internal renewal and great power within you, which gives you enough strength to resist and move through the complexity of the world in which we live.

With the death of Christ on the cross, I can recognize that I am now a new person. In Isaiah 53: 3-4, we find:

Despised and rejected among men, a man of pain, experienced in brokenness; and while we hid his face, he was belittled and we did not estimate him. He certainly endured our illnesses and suffered our pains; and we consider him scourged, hurt of God and dejected.

The death of Christ on the cross came to represent for us, rest and abundant rest. He took all our diseases and ailments. On the cross he took our burdens of sins, worries and anxieties.
All the punishment we deserved, Christ took him to the cross. Today we can say that Christ is the resting place of every person who seeks peace for his life and wants to throw his burden of sin at the feet of Christ.

When we throw our iniquities upon Christ, He will help us lift our face from the stains, make us strong and fear free. In Christ we will have riches of peace and love; We will no longer have to remember our misery of sins. Now in Christ life is clearer as noon; more full of confidence and hope, more secure and full of God's favor.

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