Giving Thanks To The Lord

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Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. 1 - Chronicles 16:34

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One of the great secrets to the happiness that the good Lord shares with his people all through the bible, the key to joyful living is living with heart full of gratitude and thankfulness to the Almighty God. As Christians our thanks to the father ought to go just beyond gratefulness for the good that happens to us, we must thank the Lord for what he does for us day in day out, for his Being and for all that he sends our way, good and bad, for He knows the end from the beginning.

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So our hearts and minds need to be trained to be thankful always, this simple practice can transform our perspective of life and bring us joy in our daily lives, it will keep away bitterness, discouragement and arrogance and enable us be the best we can be, by so doing we will not define ourselves by what others think but rather what the Lord sees us to be and this will keep us humbled and serve as a daily reminder of need for God.

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Have a Spirit Filled Day and thanks for reading


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In all things let's give thanks to God

I did not deserve this love, kindness, peace, grace and you gave it to me anyway, for that I say thank you Jehovah

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