50 SBI Giveaway · (in exchange of some "contint") [distribution]

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Hi & welcome!!

This is the result of the giveaway of 50 + 10 sbi units started last week
You can check it here
Since there were no 'participants', what I'll do from now on is,
when I have the opportunity to give sbi units, I will simply give them
to the users I feel deserve more, unless I have a good idea for a contest
(Probably will just give them without contests or giveaways)

I'm kind of confused why not a single person participated to earn free sbi

Might say, even a bit sad

But since I've always do my best to keep my word,
someone will be abducted by aliens and have the same treatment as Eric Cartman

Just joking
I'll give the total of 60 sbi units to some accounts I feel that deserve more in post payments

Just because I do love You all, even those with whom I have had misunderstandings

Here it is the screenshot of the transaction to @SteemBasicIncome, give it a couple of days to be processed, and You can check how much You got with the command -> !sbi status <- in a comment, and in around 5 minutes You get an answer, on any of the Steem Basic Income official accounts, @steembasicincome, @sbi2, @sbi3, @sbi4, @sbi5, @sbi6, @sbi7, @sbi8, @sbi9, @sbi10, @sbi-booster


There are too many users I would love to help, but I'm only one, in the future more will be given to other users, hope You enjoy it, unitl the the next time..

You all,
In Lak'ech Ala K'in

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send me

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I'll give You the reasons I shouldn't (for now) 1st..
Didn't saw an attempt to participate (and You do have some good content),
don't know about Your time but You could have taken a couple of minutes (no worries)..
Since my day was a complete s#&7y mess, with fireman and police in it..

Doesn't matter ^^) You at least shown some interest now, better later than never, I guess, and I like You 'talking' about Cyberpunk, so, I'll send You 7 sbi units and add You to the list of people I want to give more in the future (when possible) ;)




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