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Few people know, but glycerin can become an indispensable assistant in your home.

Thanks to this easy-to-use and cheap tool, you can remove stains from clothes. To get rid of stains from berries it is necessary to soak them in glycerin for 1 hour, and then just rinse the thing in a little salted water. To remove stains from tea and coffee, you should apply a mixture of kitchen salt and glycerin on the soiled area. After the stains are discolored, things should be washed as indicated on the label.

Glycerin is an indispensable remedy for dust. They should only wipe the lacquered surfaces and mirrors, as you will not see any more dust there. To give your floors of laminate or parquet shine, just when cleaning, add a little glycerin to the water.

But glycerine is useful not only for cleaning. This is an indispensable tool in cosmetology. A couple of drops of glycerin, added to the shampoo with each wash, will make your hair shine with a new light. Thanks to the ability to envelop hair, glycerin will moisturize them. It can also be added to the hair mask.

If the skin on your hands is constantly dry and flakes, then in this matter will help you glycerin. You can add it to the hand cream, do the baths or simply apply to dry places.

Also glycerin can be applied to the face. It will cover the skin with a transparent film, and due to its peculiarity it will draw water to it from the air.


привет. расскажи как ты возвращаешь sbd, а то скрипт у меня перестал работать

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