You might want to convert your Steem Dollar into Steem brother @vimukthi !

There are no STEEM in my wallet. Only SP and SBD.

SMTs are coming so you'll do better if you keep STEEM. SMTs can be bought with no other currency than Steem ! Or so I heard from witnesses! Not sure what @ned has in mind though!

Yes it's true. SMTs will also give new life to SP delegation as SP actually works like a shares of a company and STEEM blockchain is a company that exclusively serve its shareholders proportionally to the amount of shares they own. That's how the fee-less system was achieved.

SMTs will use lots of bandwidth. Most people don't even use 5% of their bandwidth.

absolutely... But SMTs are a bit late to arrive! It was supposed to be released in the last week of December along with the customized SMTs of ... But still there's no news of it.

STEEM doesn't have a dev team like Dash or Ethereum. So I don't mind waiting. I don't want to see some screw up. I'd like to see STEEM grow steadily instead of what happened with TRON etc. Plus more waiting means I can acquire more STEEM during that time.

Hehehe this is how I feel too...

why? have Steem jsut curious.

SBD is unstable and risky right now! @martinf
It's not a coin I would use for HODling purpose!

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