SBD is trading around $12...This is great for STEEM!!!

in sbd •  10 months ago

Not really 100% sure why SBD is trading so high for being pegged to 1 steem but I am not complaining. I hope this helps put the Steem blockchain on the map.

Keep Steeming my Friends!

Thank you for viewing family and remember...Keep STEEMING

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Does anyone think Steem can go up to $12 a coin?! Let some of that value trickle back into Steem!


I have STEEM at $100 by the end of 2018 so, yes I do think $12 is in the cards.

SBD is at $6.68 on coinmarketcap...not sure where you see $12.

Ok is Steempower next for that type of run.

The bull run of SBD has been unprecedented! If you look at the charts it is forming perfect bull pennants!

Absolutely amazing to watch!