Steem Dollar (SBD) Cash Out

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I read some posts of my fellow Filipinos selling SBD to BTC (cashing out from Steemit) recently and my reaction is -- OMG (SAYANG!) LOL

I would never "sell" my SBD to BTC due to blockchain FEE. See below comparisons:

My Screenshots from BlockTrades edited with Phonto and PhotoCollage iOS apps

Photo Credit: @pinay

My Screenshots from BlockTrades edited with Phonto and PhotoCollage iOS apps

Photo Credit: @pinay

My Screenshots from BlockTrades edited with Phonto and PhotoCollage iOS apps

Photo Credit: @pinay

We could "sell" Steem/SBD to LTC/DOGE via BlockTrades and Coinpot first (BTC to PHP withdrawals) or ETH/DASH /LTC/DOGE for Poloniex/Bittrex or BitShares (invest) or ETH/LTC for Coinbase users (USD withdrawals) to save some FEES. Dogecoin has the LOWEST FEE.

My Screenshot from Coinpot (Sold 5 STEEM to DOGE) edited with Phonto and PhotoCollage iOS apps

Photo Credit: @pinay

I have an account with Bittrex and Poloniex but I prefer @BlockTrades (quick and simple) and Coinpot to convert (DOGE/LTC/BTC/BCH/DASH) for free and consolidate my earnings from FAUCETS and Steemit when CASHing OUT (to save some fees again when transferring BTC to

Will publish a 5,000 words article (exaggerating. LOL!) soon. Stay tuned!

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I'm having information overload with all the articles I am reading regarding Steemit, SBD, and Steem hehe.

I was going to ask you what to do with my 2.41 SBD. As I type my question and what I have in mind its getting clearer to me. Hehe..
Ang kailangan ko ngayon ay mga wallet sa ibat ibat crypto.. Sa ngayon coins. Ph plang meron ako.
My quick question is, which cryptocurrency would you suggest?
But I think I will read the answer in your other posts. Heheh
Merry Christmas

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Mas ok po under SBD... Click Market... If hindi mag automatic price sa Steem/SBD, input nyo lang po amount na nasa "lowest ask" then input number of Steem na kaya ng SBD balance nyo asap kasi tumataas po Steem price dapat take advantage buy Steem agad pag ang nasa "lowest ask" is below $1. 👍😊
Yes po nasa other posts ko na po yan.
Mahal po FEE pag diretso BTC from BlockTrades to Mas mura po if sell Steem to Dogecoin from BlockTrades to muna. Then sa Coinpot iconvert to BTC, then transfer to Matagal lang process pero FREE po kasi magtransfer 0.005 BTC from Coinpot. Di ko lang sure kung may changes after maintenance last week. May new post po ako nacredit BTC from Coinpot after 17 days. :-D ok lang po sakin kahit matagal ZERO fee naman.
Merry Christmas din po! :)

Redeemed and bought Steem for the first time. thanks to you. :)
next, dodge coin... wla pa akong account hahaha

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Pwde nyo po install Jaxx mobile app yun po pinakamadali gamitin lalo na pag newbie pero ok lang po sya if ipapalit nyo agad Dogecoin ng peso sa hindi sa Magblog po ako about dyan kakapalit ko pa lang po 2,000 Dogecoin (6 STEEM) P731 sent to my PayMaya account in just few hours. First time ko po magsell sa pinoybitcoinexchange ayos naman. 👍😊
Madali gamitin Jaxx wallet no need to sign up automatic na sya. Ang worry ko lang pano if mawala o masira phone ko di ko pa alam kung maretrieve by email sa ibang device kaya gagamitin ko lang sya if ipapalit ko na agad to peso.

Cge, I will help you with that. Try ko install both sa tab and phone ko. We will see kung mag sync.
Thanks ulit

Blog nyo po baka kumita ng thousands :-D

Power Up po muna kayo :)

sis ung 5k words isplit mo na sa 5 parts.hahaha

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sige po isunod ko STEEM 😊
Abah may 0.01 value na ang vote ko haha 😂

yes sis... haha salamat!

Naubos agad yung 0.01 power ko ah 😂

ano maisa suggest mo sis pg gusto ko mag power up.. SBD to steempower

Ayun oh! Galing talaga ni sis :D

Thank You!
Mukha akong pera eh 😂

looking forward for your 5000 words article :D thank you in advance :D

Nasobrahan ko lang po yan ng zero hard touch na kasi phone ko need na replacement haha joke po 😅

hahahah natutuwa ako sayo...i want to nominate pinay for president!hahahah malapit na kita maging lodi! :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

😂 Thank You! Nahawa yata ako ni @g10a sa bitLanders nadala ko dito 😂

sorry ang baba ng upvote/voting power ko hindi ko alam paano ba mreplenish yun?dati above 50% ako now hindi na umaakyat ng 50% :(

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Pag dami yata $$$$$$$ 😂 dapat Power Up ng Power Up 😊 transferan po kita 1 Steem then under Steem wallet click Power Up po

thank you po! <3 ginamit ko na yung 1 Steem to power up just now pero wala pa din value ang upvote ko sayo :( bawi ako next time magegets ko rin yan hahahah

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nauubos po yan kahit sakin may 0.01 pero bumababa po $$ pag dami ka na voted kaya mas recommended yung damihan posts/comments at kontian lang talaga pagvvote 😊

Tiningnan ko na yung wallet niyo dapat ganun ang Steem power goals ko shocks andami ko pa lalakbayin para makaabot sa ganun na amount :( sige lang kaya yan :)

Isang baitang pa lang po naabante ko from "Dust" to "Newbie" account 😂 Follow nyo po @bitgeek

Thanks. very informative

You're welcome! 😊

ito na pala yun. mas mura. mas tipid kung sa other altcoins pala dadalhin. interesting!

Yes po sayang fees at hindi ka pwede mag cashout ng 5 STEEM or 3 SBD lang kung Bitcoin kasi kulang pa nga yan sa blockchain fee. 😊

Ganon ba? Kung ganon, talaga pala dyan babagsak yung liit na naipon ko hehe ;) Thanks sa info.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes po sayang lang. Samantalang kung STEEM to DOGE pwede ka na nga "sell" 1 STEEM. Pag LTC dapat at least 3 STEEM kasi sa Coinpot may minimum deposit din at DOGE pa rin lowest. Kaya Steem to Dogecoin ako. 😊

Wowowow sis! Pag dating tlga sa BTC at sa lahat CCC o coins coins coins sis jan ako bilib sau eh. Abangers ako jan sa 5k words na article m sis lol. D pa ako marunong sa gnito eh. How to be you po?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Sainyo lang ako una natuto 😂 bumalik si Yannn sa bitLanders hinahanap ka sabi ko yumaman na sa Spare5 😂 Si Amor Facistol Rimas na lang wala ako balita. Sainyong 3 lang ako natuto pano Bitcoin eh then kung anu-ano at saan saan na ako napunta

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Malakas ka na sali ka na sa #steemitachievers hehe, laki na income o 14$

Yay di ko napamsin ur usimg our tag na pala haha, ty!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank You! Ngayon ko lang po yan ginamit kasi cash out na usapan 😂
Si bitgeek lang po nagbibigay sakin ng ganyan 😊

Congratulations @pinay!
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Thank You! 💋

salamat nmn at makikita na kita lagi dahil sa tag hehehe ang kalapati bakit hindi nasali dyan sa pics?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Alin ba dyan hehe ginaya ko lang galing sa cash out posts nila kasi cash out din topic eh 😂
May 0.01 vote ko sa mga nauna magcomment o naubusan ka

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I thought about cashing out, but I decided to just buy steem and power up instead. If BTC survive x-mas without a crash, I might reconsider that.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes, powering up is good. We can power down anytime if we decide to cash out (sell STEEM). Thank You! 👍😊

matindi tlaga to c addgoggleko eh., katorse na oh.,

Isa lang ibig sabihin nyan, binisita lang ni bitgeek 😊

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I cashed out via blocktrades and it was successful. Congrats to this blog friend.

Thank You! How did you cash out po? From Blocktrades to ________?

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Somebody said changelly is better.. Can you please enlighten me.. That is if you're not busy.. Thank you in advance.. Consider it as a very special favor for me..i will be very grateful..

I haven't tried it but I love to learn new things. Will try it now and let you know. Thank you for your comment. 👍😊

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am always on mobile. Just visited changelly and found that it is NOT mobile-friendly so it is NOT for me. It's hurting my eyes. (^_^)

Hahhaah really... I guess they have a very good marketing arm!!! Thanks for the info... I really could use some help!!

I deleted the last part of my comment hahahaha 😂😂😂

Hahahahha lets keep it between ourselves !!!!

Yeah we need to build a higher reputation 😂😂😂

I know !!!! Hahhah

I like @Bittrex and am not sure how much it may cost to exchange SBD there. Yeah, BTC gas has been increasing. I guess it depends on how you do it and the details.

Hay buhay... mag-power up forever na lang kaya ako. Pero gusto ko tlga mag-withdraw. :(

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ito sundan nyo magwithdraw (^_^)
Testing nyo muna 1 STEEM or 1 SBD to DOGECOIN magkamali man kayo at least maliit lang mawawala. Si @ryl nagkamali BTC ginawang BCH 20 SBD agad unang withdraw nawala lang kasi hindi pwede yung ganun. :)

Hi, how to liquidate the doge/ltc from coinpot? can it be transferred to Philippine Banks like Metro/BPI/BDO?


Pag ganito, madali mo lang ba ma-withdraw yun? Tama, sayang din naman yung fees nuh? Hmm..

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Oo P1,000 plus din yan noong time na mataas price mataas din fee. Buti nga bumaba fee kaya lang bumaba rin naman prices. Comparison lang po yan at MANUAL transfer noon.

Ganito na po ngayon if thru BlockTrades RECEIVE ADDRESS lang naman iiba ibahin kung Bitcoin o Ethereum etc. just make sure na tama naclick mo Bitcoin at Bitcoin ADDRESS ilalagay mo. Si @ryl nagkamali naclick yata Bitcoin Cash (BCH) tapos Bitcoin (BTC) address naconvert to BCH so nawala funds. Mas madali nga ETH at Dogecoin kasi magkaibang magkaiba sila mas maiiwasan magkamali. Nalito si ryl sa Bitcoin at Bitcoin Cash eh magkaiba yun pero yung address kasi nakakalito talaga pag naduling ka sa dalawa :-D
Simplified Cashing Out from Steemit

Kung magkaroon ng STEEM at SBD ang CX ng magiging MANUAL TRANSFER po yun ganito:
Steem (STEEM) Cash Out

Ohh, oo nga ehh. Parang nabasa ko yung blog niya tungkol dun.. Icons lang pala yung mga i-c-click nun? Sge, try ko yan. :) :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Pwede ka na mag cash out sinilip ko wallet mo eh :-D
Try mo muna 5 SBD to PHP wallet para magkamali ka man di ganun kalaki mawala. Yan pinakamalaki minimum cash out Bitcoin gawa ng pinakamalaki fee sa lahat ng crypto. 😅
Si ryl kasi 20 SBD yata yun agad laki pa naman palit nun nawala lang nasa P8,000 yata katumbas nyan dati.

Then ACTIVATE mo po ETH wallet mo pag may laman na PHP wallet mo P20 pa rin yata charge. Kung activated na ETH wallet mo try mo rin 5 SBD to ETH para macompare mo magkano difference. Iscreenshots mo lahat at blog mo po first and second cash out BTC vs ETH.

Ito blog ko kaya lang Beta Tester ako skip mo na lang yung hindi para sayo dito haha ETH Beta Testing

Sge sge.. It-try ko nga. HAHA :D :D