Free Steem Dollars - 2nd August (2)

in sbd •  2 years ago 

My second SBD-giveaway post for today.

I will send SBD from this post to all the voters after 7 days.

Please upvote and resteem this post.

Happy earning :)


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So cool of you to do this giveaway, thank you for your kindess.

Thanks for this service @monajam, us minnows appreciate it greatly!


upvoted and resteemed! Happy steeming to you !

Hi, upvoted, RS, and followed

Hello @monajam, follow me

upvoted and resteemed !

Upvoted and resteemed my friend! :D

upvoted and resteemed !

Thank you for your support!


upvoted :)


Upvoted and resteemed. Baby minnow here growing quickly. Thanks for the opportunity to gain some SBD

Did you ever get a chance to send?

also followed all people here... try that too, maybe it works

upvote and resteem