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Yesterday bets could have been so much better. I was spot on with the other, but did not predicted the 2 minute comeback of Belgrade.
Salzburg had 26 goal attempts but it just wasn’t their day! In football you don't get always what you deserve!

Today we have the second legs of the Europa League play-offs. After today we will know all teams who will participate in the draw for the groups!

Brondby vs Genk

Genk did overclass Brondy last week, but two moment of inattention did cost them 2 goals! Lucky for them they did score 5 themselves. So the qualification should be in the pocket.
The Genk coach really does find it important to use the complete squad, this way he can rest some key players. It is expected that Genk will start with the strongest possible team.
Brondy on the other side isn’t really in shape. They did lose 3 of their latest 5 games and I do expect that it will become 4 out of 6!
Genk does want to celibrate the qualication in style and will win!
This time I will go just for the moneyline bet: Genk to win! (odds: 2.266)

Bordeaux vs Gent

The first leg did end up in a scoreless draw! But Gent just did forget to score. They did have 17 goal attempts against the 6 for Bordeaux!
Both team won the home game for the domestic competition with 2-1.
But the second leg will be a complete different game. Just like yesterday where I did go for the Over for the POAK game, I will go for the over here.
Odds for the over are 2.18. (U)

Burnley vs Olympiakos

I do think that there is nothing wrong with the statement that Burnley completely missed the start of their season. Losing the first leg in Greece with 3-1 and loosing 2 out of 3 Premier League games.
And in Greece they were just overclassed, but this is what could give they a chance. Olympiakos could underestimate the second leg. I don’t say that they will miss the qualification but I do see them losing the second leg!
Just like the game from Genk I will go for the Moneyline bet. The odds are 2.336!

My bets

August 30, 2018Bordeaux over 2.512.18PendingUnibet
August 29, 2018Genk
August 29, 2018Burnley

Monthly overview

August, 20184819191055.513.92925.09%

Detailed overview

August 1, 2018Genk
August 3, 2018Over
August 3, 2018Standard
August 4, 2018Over 2.5 ANT vs
August 4,
August 4, 2018Gent
August 5, 2018AND
August 5, 2018Genk
August 5, 2018Club Brugge
August 7, 2018Standard
August 8, 2018Celtic
August 8, 2018Over 2.5 POAK vs Spartak12.38WonUnibet
August 9, 2018Gent
August 9, 2018Over 2.5 POAK vs
August 10, 2018Man United
August 10, 2018Club Brugge
August 11, 2018Tottenham
August 11,
August 11, 2018St Truiden
August 11,
August 12, 2018Liverpool
August 12,
August 12, 2018Anderlecht -113PushUnibet
August 16, 2018Genk -123PushUnibet
August 16, 2018Gent
August 17, 2018Anderlecht -1
August 17, 2018Anderlecht
August 18, 2018Everton
August 18, 2018St Truiden
August 18, 2018Standard
August 18,
August 18, 2018KV
August 19, 2018Lukaku To Score12.63WonUnibet
August 19, 2018Gent -112.32PushUnibet
August 19,
August 19, 2018Club
August 21, 2018Salzburg -113.35LostUnibet
August 21, 2018Over
August 23, 2018Genk -122.1WonUnibet
August 23, 2018Gent Over 2.512.18LostUnibet
August 23, 2018Gent -113.5LostUnibet
August 24, 2018Oostende -0 (DNB)12.35WonUnibet
August 25, 2018Mouscron -114LostUnibet
August 25, 2018Antwerp -112.2PushUnibet
August 25, 2018Hudderfield over 2.512.747LostNitrogensports
August 25, 2018Bournemouth draw13.6WonUnibet
August 29, 2018POAK over 2.512.28WonUnibet
August 29, 2018RB Salzburg

Good luck,

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