saturday morning riff

in saturday •  5 months ago

nothin' deep, just a little hello this morning, for everyone to enjoy their saturday, maybe take a break from the madness that is frequently modern life // walk in the park, visit with friends, quiet time alone, playing with family, pondering some seemingly irrelevant detail. too much nonsense and speculation gets draining after awhile, it may be good just to take a few days to enjoy simple and real things; fresh green leaves, a bouncing ball, a cup of tea, a gentle breeze... and a little good music, always.

peace @clumsysilverdad

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Everyone does need a day to take a vacation and enjoy life. Togetherness with family or friends is important, in order to live more colorful.

Thanks for reminding) Just on the way home after working Saturday. It is a pleasure to remember that the rest day began ))

Time in front of the computer NEEDS music to be coming from the speakers! And weekend is for time away from the computer after checking in on STEEMit.

Have a fantastic weekend from one dad to another.

that means you are in a relaxed, enjoying with your family..

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