Will Satoshi Nakamoto sell his holdings? 3 reasons why he would NOT

in satoshi •  6 months ago 

Reasons he would NOT:

  1. Why would you create something, see it coming to fruition and abandon it?

  2. It is much faster with less fees than credit cards and other forms of payment.

  3. When it is worth more than anyone ever thought he will never have to worry about paying bills or money. One less evil of the world to worry about.

If he were to sell it all sure the price would drop drastically but it would recover because millions would be using it by then. Reguardless BTC is taking over. Let me rephrase that, blockchain technology is taking over. Many things will be on the blockchain eventually. Mail and package tracking info, medical supply inventory for hospitals, bill and payment tracking etc. There is too much to even list that will be stored on different blockchains. Let the revolution commence!

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All good reasons on that list, number one to me would be if he's dead already.

Ì agree wirh that. That would definitely have to be #1 and would take his btc out of the total ever available actually..

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