At last, Bangabandhu satellites in space

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Finally, the country's first satellite television Bangabandhu-1 On Friday night time, Satellite-carrying rocket Falcon-9 opened successfully at 2: 13 pm.

Within 8 minutes of the launch, the satellite reaches the space. 'Bangabandhu Satellite-1' returned to the room and rocket Falcon-9 returned to earth after 4 minutes. 'Bangabandhu Satellite 1' reached its own orbit in 33 minutes. Coming from then on, the satellite tv will start its own work.

Saxeine launches ALL OF US company SpaceX said that the satellite was efficiently launched.

Yesterday, due to technical difficulties, the satellite tv started stopping the start from the launch level in Florida simultaneously. Previously, on May 4, the project was scheduled to cost around Tk 2, 765 crore. However, credited to technical reasons May possibly 7 was scheduled for taking off, but later it was dropped back to 10 May. But after the last one day, Bangladesh has reached an unique milestone in the world of space.

Bangabandhu-1 satellite project director Mohammad Mejbahuzzaman said that when the satellite will reach the space of the launch, the Falcon-9 skyrocket will carry the Bangabandhu-1 communication satellite to 3. 5 billion metric lots of space. It will take 8 days to reach it in a specific slot in space.

Experts associated with the satellite declare the kick off of this satellite will increase capacity and increase foreign exchange earnings, save internet services in the remote areas of the country, weather control and disaster will be possible. As well, the country's security system is expected to enhancements made on a huge way.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh's Prime Minister's Information Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy was present in Cape Canaveral in Florida to see the historic occasions of the country. State Information Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Tarana Halim, Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak, Bangladesh Telecommunication Corporate Commission (BTRC) Chairman Doctor. Top researchers and officers of the satellite task including Shahjahan Mahmud

This is to be mentioned that Bangladesh is now 57th country in conditions of its satellite. The government took the job to officially launch dish in 2008. In Nov 2015, BTRC created an agreement with the Thales Elinya Space Facilities Firm, France to build the first satellite in the country. In order to launch the satellite, Bangladesh in January 2015 bought a slot orbit slot machine game for $ 2. 18 million from Inter-Sputnik, Russia's satellite company. At the same time, Bangladesh fixed an offer with US to use Flex-9 launcher of Space X to release Bangabandhu-1 satellite. Beginning with here the new horizon of the space travel of Bangladesh.