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Goldilocks' Discontent (I.I. extended bonus feature!)

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Thematically, the title clearly directs the reader’s attention to the fact that there is dissatisfaction or unhappiness in this poem. The imagery is vivid, exhibiting a clear interrelationship and interactions between the inner and the outer selves.

This poem opens with a hurried departure from one clime to another. Apparently, all is not well. The mind is restless, experiencing emotional instability amidst the noisy confusion. The poet persona is unhappy with the situation he is facing. This is despite the fact that he has pure intentions but the cacophonic situation is overwhelming. Man becomes fixated and narrow-minded when he refuses to update his knowledge and experiences. He falls into decay.

Straits are built
by staring in one place for too long.
iridescent, ill-intented,
are born in the eyes
in the back of my head.

No doubt, this is a well-written poem.

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