Sankofa Contest Winners Announcement. New Contest Opens!

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We closed entries for last week's contest a couple days ago, and we are excited and grateful for the entries you guys sent in. All 17 of them!

Folk traditions around the globe are mostly oral, and in recording them in writing or other media form, we help preserve them and make them more "durable." It's a service for our heritages, as humans. Which takes the essence of this contest way beyond its prize. Everyone is a winner.

For last week's, the top 3 entries as selected by the judges were as follows:

First Place

@raj808's The Ballad of Morveren

Sankofa - The Ballad of Morveren.jpg

According to Rowan a.k.a Raj, this poem was inspired by a myth/folktale from Cornwall, a part of England for which he feels huge nostalgia. Our first place winner is a fresh perspective into the folktale of the mermaid of Zennor. Dive in for a feel of Cornwall folk tradition.

Second Place

@fromage's The Spider and the Bear (folk tale contest entry)

Like the spider in Fromage's folktale, we might just be dealing with the harsh impacts of our decisions; and it isn't really life that is dealing us a harder hand. Maybe we just need to move away from the bear's path and enjoy a serenity and peace that we deserve. Hey! This is not crypto-currency "bear", although one reader described it as an "economy analogy fairy tale." Many lessons abound in this one. Be sure to check it out.

Third Place

@greenewalks's The Power of our words.(A Tanzanian folklore)

It's a classic tale of "be careful what you wish for," and it has its twists. Like African folktales often do, there's a lot of out-of-the-world elements going on, like a gourd turning into children. Excellently delivered, with a gripping narrative and lots of lessons for everyday life. Read the story of Elana, Baraka and his angelic siblings.

Honorable Mentions

All prizes have been sent to the top 3 entries. A special prize of 1 STEEM has been sent to @blankcanvas86 for being the FIRST entrant of the last round. This special prize is courtesy of @dante31.

The next round is hereby announced open!

"Share any exciting folk tale in the most creative and original way you can think of. All you need are just loose memories of the original plot, and you create an interesting story to share with us. The best entries win some STEEM."

  • Share your story on your blog as a new post.
  • Use "sankofa" as the first tag.
  • Additionally, drop the link to your post as comment on this announcement post.
  • This is NOT mandatory, but you may resteem this announcement post to help spread the word.
  • Entries close 6 days after this announcement post. Tick tock...


We are going to give away 10 STEEM for the best stories. 5 STEEM for the first winner, and 3 and 2 STEEM respectively for the 2nd and 3rd winners.

The best prizes however will be the kind of author rewards only good posts attract. Trust us when we say many curators have an eye set on this one, ready and willing to reward excellence. Make the most of it.

Good luck!

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Wow! JUST yesterday in a comment convo with a fellow Steemian, we spoke of how it's predictably so easy every day to find great treasure we've never come across before on Steemit.

This @Sankofa Contest is today's treasure for me. LOVE this. Hailing you up from Jamaica where the telling of folk tales is a strong part of our oral cultural tradition.

Thanks so much for conceiving this and for running it. Will be supporting your growth from now on as much as able.

Did I already say I LOVE this???!!!! PERFECT name. It's the definition that drew me in btw... looking back in order to move forward is kinda mantra-like teaching-wise for me. So it's also a word I'll be using MUCH more now! ;)

Blessings and good luck to all the Contestants.

This comment was made from

True, we love a good story :)
Thank you.

This is both fulfilling and humbling. Thank you so much for the wonderful remarks. It buoys us to keep doing what we're doing. It confirms we are adding value. Thank you again. I will look forward to future exchanges, and let's hope together we can keep those wonderful stories alive and coming, for posterity too.

I'm here again, this is my entry and i hope God favours me to win again..

Great contest. Congratulation to the last winners!!
I am dropping for this week contest
Here is my entry:

Day 6, but I did not know about contest till about 4 hours ago when I woke up, and had a very nice surprise from @misterakpan. So I thought I would try anyway even if it was a little late. A short take on Mel's Hole - Modern Day Folk Lore

Thanks to sankofa for such an oppurtunity and congrats to the former winner. Here is my entry

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you @sankofa I'm honored and this was a lovely surprise to wake up to after a long day working to deadlines yesterday.

Something painfully funny happened to my story. It got lots of upvotes, then it was taken away.
It was saddening.

Oh my! That was an unintended vote removal by the Nigerian community Curie team a.k.a. my fault. It's been fixed now 😉

Haha, thank you.

You guys are always doing great work. And now it's global!? I've been out of steemit for a while, missed out on a lot.

Well done!

welcome back
hope to see more of you

Dante is here No Fear


Thanks @sankofa and @dante31 !!! And congrats to all winners!!

You are welcome

congratz, @raj808! That was amazing writing!
And for @sankofa, thank you for this contest. I have so much fun reading all the entry here :D

Thank you @gibic 🙏

@sankofa, enjoy the vote!

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