Folktale : Why the moon and sun are in the sky

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The children sat in a circle with fire kindled in their mist to keep them warm from the evening cold. eagerly waiting to hear another tale from their grandparents, as this is practice in their tradition to train up little children with stories to either learn about their tradition or lure them to sleep.

Baba olatunde who was 150 years old was believed to know much about tales as he had lived longer than anyone to have experienced wholly or nearly to that about how the nature came about. The stories were mostly told at moonlight when everyone was free from duty.



Baba olatunde sigh , as he chew more of his kola nut and threw up the cub on the floor as a sign of honouring the gods. "Today am going to tell you an interesting story about how the moon and sun are above in the sky" he said. He turned around to check if the children's attention was targeted on him. Sniffed his shisa and puffed the smoke in the air as he positioned himself comfortably on his seat and began.

The Tale

Long time ago before the existence of men, where all the nature had themselves to relate with. The moon , sun and waters were closed friends, they shared everything together.

Then it troubled the moon and sun that the waters doesn't pay them a visit instead they have been the ones always under the company of the waters. "Why don't you visit us"? The sun and moon asked the water.
"Am afraid your houses can't contain us all with my relatives" the water said.
After a long argument , the water finally agreed on coming but gave the sun and the moon six months to create a dwelling for him and his family.

The sun and the moon gathered many thatches and started expanding their houses, they built it so large with woods that are capable of expanding and made so many decorations of beauty around them. This lasted for more than six months. "When will the building be completed" the water kept asking "a little more time, the sun and the moon will say" until about a year .

Finally, the water was invited to come. "You might not be able to contain me" the water warned again but the moon and sun fully assured on their preparation press on their assurance to hold them all. Then the water flow in, it kept flowing in until the beam and there was more of it coming. The woods kept expanding pushing the moon and the sun higher, higher and higher until it got to the position they are today.

Then he remained silent to notice the reaction from the children's face. When he couldn't really say about their countenance. He said "their relationship is a life lessons, and I want you to learn them.

Firstly, learn the act of accommodation, some friends are blessings that could lift us higher in life to shine bright that the world could see.

Secondly, for you to experience such greatness , you must build your hearts with the ability to accommodate and expand to new ideas.

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