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Region of origin: USA

Amount: 4 servings
In the past, shrimp were a fairly inexpensive ingredient and this type of sandwich
became a street food legend in Louisiana. Sometimes prawns are replaced with fried meat, chicken
and various kinds of seafood. Spicy juicy filling is pawned
in the traditional for New Orleans French loaf with crispy crust and tender
air pulp, which in turn is served in hot or cold form. If
The filling consists of seafood, mayonnaise is used as the sauce. In case you
want to fill a sandwich with beef or chicken, an ideal complement for them
will serve Creole mustard or hot sauces.
In Texas, there is a variation of this sandwich - bbq po'boy, the main ingredients
which are sliced ​​slices of roast beef steak, chicken breasts
and various kinds of sausages.

For a sandwich:

  • Mayonnaise - 4 tbsp. l.
  • Fresh parsley leaves, chopped - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Cucumber or gherkin, finely chopped - 2 pcs.
  • Flour - 100 gr
  • Egg - 1 piece
  • Milk - 100 ml
  • Shrimps (large size), peeled - 300 gr
  • A large loaf or baguette, cut into 4 identical parts
  • Salad leaves (a variety of your choice) - 2 handfuls
  • Tomato, cut into rings or semirings - 2 pcs.

For the Cajun seasoning:

  • Paprika powder - 2 tbsp. l.
  • Dried Oregano - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Black pepper freshly ground - 1 teaspoon
  • Dried garlic - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Dried onion onion - 1 tbsp. l.
  • Thyme dried - 2 tsp.
  • Cayenne pepper powder - to taste
  • Sea salt - 1 tsp.
  • To prepare the Kajun mixture, combine all the ingredients and carefully
  • In a separate bowl, combine mayonnaise, parsley, shonas roots and 2 tsp. seasonings.
    Stir well and set aside.
  • Mix the flour with the remaining mixture of spices.
  • In another bowl, combine the milk with the egg and mix thoroughly.
  • Immerse the shrimp at first in the flour mix, then into the egg-milk, and then again
    in the flour. When finished, place the shrimp on a plate. Repeat the process with the rest
  • Heat the oil in a deep frying pan or cauldron to 180 ° C. To fry shrimps
    in small batches for 3 minutes or until golden brown and crispy crust.
    After frying, shift the shrimps onto a paper towel to remove excess
  • For serving, cut a French loaf or baguette one by one
    Do not cut it in half. If desired, before feeding
    it can be heated in a frying pan, in an oven or microwave. Coat each slice
    mayonnaise, put salad leaves and tomatoes inside. Complete serving at
    shrimps, closing the top half of the sandwich and immediately serve.
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