How to get San Diego Token") and how to sell or buy a sandiego token in the market on the Steem-engine

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Dear friends and followers

On this occasion I want to show you how, get #SANDIEGO tokens and how to sell and buy on the market on the steem-engine

How do you get the password token ... You just need to post it ... And follow a few rules ...

First you enter the #steem-engine, or you can click directly on the link below ...👇

And the second one you click on the Token sandiego and after that you will see the link in the sandiego token code ..

And you can just press the link on the symbol, or you can klik the link in below


and you will be redirected to Beta sandiego, and after you get there, you can simply log in with your steemit account, and make your posts, and don't forget to use teg #sandiego in the tags section.

If you make a post using another beta, you may, primarily you use teg #sandiego and the contents of the story that you create must be related to sandiego

Or you can look directly at the posting link below ,, how and the rules related to sandiego ..

Click on the link below ...👇

How to buy or sell #sandiego tokens.

First you open a sandiego market token, and if you want to sell, then you select sell, and enter it according to the prices in the market section,

And if you want to buy sandiego token, then you choose to buy, and enter prices according to those in the market

After you sell or make a purchase, if you want to see your history you can click on the very end,

then you will see in the section below, All history, buying and selling or transferring

Maybe this is all I can say in my post this time I hope it can be useful, Thanks


WOW I upvoted and resteemed! thanks for these detailed instructions! make a video and ill give you even more steem!

here is 3 STEEM for this!

thank you very much, according to my promise, I will give my best to #sandiego

Can you change typo in title?

How to get a sandiego token) a

Should say "How to get San Diego Token"


WOW thanks so much! this is amazing so im giving you 1005 upvote and resteem so more people can see how to buy and sell SAND on the market!

Maybe now show how to withdraw to EOS and trade on Newdex!

Here is 5 sand!

thank you very much, I will try to show the best ways for people ,, thank you I will be happy to help to develop beta sandiego

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