Samsung to own its own crypto !!!

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So Samsung as per the news coming in might be gearing up for its own crypto launch and releasing that on the ethereum blockchain by developing the public private blockchain soon.

The news has not been confirmed officially but coming from the sources which previously told about the wallet of crypto in Samsung latest flagship device S10 and which later came out to be true.

Samsung is always the first one to adopt new technologies for its electronic advancement and with crypto too they are leading this innovating and delivering it to the masses with their devices and to adopt such a huge scale blockchain they will definitely be considering it for sure after the success of its s10.

So what do you think is it really gonna happen will Samsung be the game changer with this one ???

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More unconfirmed news are popping here and there about big companies taking part in cryptos, but always there is no assurance of authenticity, worst, a denial.

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Game changer... probably not but good for more recognition and adoption. ETH would get a short bump as people stock up to buy their ICO (if or when it happens).