[raffle] ALL41 2019-01-03

in sakhmet •  13 days ago

  • to participate :: upvote , no need for comment, no weight requirement

  • on payout there is one random winner those who upvoted and qualified (as described below) who gets a part of the payout sent directly in liquid steem

  • who is eligible ? :

  1. winners will be announced on the discord channel as well as in the daily posts

  2. you can vote on all three @ubasti , @sakhmet , @maahes in the same day

  3. please keep this in mind, i can NOT give you your vote back if you do, i'm not asking for money, and i'm not luring you to participate, i want to be very clear so people don't make mistakes and lose one of their votes for nothing . In case of @sakhmet it pick any one single account that voted on it, even if it never made a post. It IS possible that if i see a notorious DOWNvoter that they might be accidentally filtered out by accident in the script somewhere, its so much code over all the accounts now i forgot, so if you ARE one of those, dont waste your vote on this and take your up AND downvotes somewhere else, thank you. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from my first month and my warm welcome here.

  4. winner will be chosen by anu quantom random number

  5. the winner will be announced in the daily post on the day of payout and the money will be sent when i receive the payout

  6. any questions or problems? please join : https://discord.gg/TB4XDdU , i check (or try) at least once a day

  7. my life my rules, my account my stuff, i do fair, i dont do semantics , i dont do legalism, i think i have been more than fair so far on all acounts, i hope to keep it so, things are subject to change, which doesnt mean they will, but i dont think theres much to lose and by all means if you have issues (with me lol, not with your ex-wife, that session gonna cost you extra) find the discord and drop a note, i WILL get back to you

The winner for : https://steemit.com/sakhmet/@sakhmet/raffle-all41-2018-12-22

the one and only for this round is : @fall-steem

decided by anu quantom random number

if you have doubts you can check who won, contact them, or check their accounts directly, no secrets on the steemit blockchain is there ?

there will always be a minimum because of the @steembasicincome shares

this is not a scam, you don't have to send anything, you are not lured or manipulated to participate in any way and if you do, keep in mind : VOTES CAN NOT BE RETURNED

if you DO cast a vote and you ARE eligible then

and ofcourse ...

If your reach does not extend your grasp

you will never grow

expect the worst

hope for nothing

NEVER be disappointed

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Let me enlighten you :: rules exist to discipline oneself, do not force them on someone else
(Kongo - Ars nova cadenza)

*don't feed the trolls*

trolls and flaggers not invited
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