Beautiful Day at the Marina

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So, if you all follow me long enough you'll find out that I am an avid sailor. I race sailboats about forty weekends per year and sail for pleasure as well. My name, mrfreedomninja, kind of says it all...I love freedom and sailing is one of the ways I get free from the daily grind of life. Eventually, my goal is to have a large sailboat in the Caribbean that I can sail from port to port and enjoy the sun and world, but that whole story will be for another post.

Anyhow, was down at the marina today having breakfast with my mentor/Catalina 22 five times National Champion and we were just loving the beautiful calm view seen below and I thought maybe some of you might enjoy it as well.

File Feb 04, 12 24 52.jpegFile Feb 04, 12 25 23.jpeg

This guy decided he was going to block the entrance to the floating restaurant for a while and beg for some food LOL!
File Feb 04, 12 25 40.jpeg

In the future, I may have to share some pictures of my sailboat, a Catalina 27, and some pictures of sailboats in action while racing. Who knows, maybe doing some write ups on how to sail would be good. All I know is that part of my MrFreedomNinja "Freedom Plan" involves living and sailing on a boat.

Let me know if you are interested in more sailing pictures, write-ups, or even video.

Peace and be free!

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Bro, this is freaking awesome! Is sailing your profession ?

I wish it was my profession. I race up to a national level and am slowly working towards becoming an instructor.

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