True meaning of sacrifice

in sacrifice •  20 days ago 

As you all know Eid-u-Azha one of the two biggest festivals of muslim is only few days ahead we can see hustle bustle of eid and selling and buying of animals for sacrifice everywhere and you know what independence day is on third day of eid i am shopping for independence day too like many of you. coming back to topic . important about eid is sprite of sacrifice not the amount of money that you buy animal for sacrifice you know friends Ibrahem (A.S) decided to sacrifice his son that he got often 90 years for the love of Allah it is basically this message of sacrificing your dearest assets for the love of Allah . I request on this Eid please do not boast about how expensive your animal is just think on how few can you go in love for Allah and please don't forget Poors and needy people in your happiness of Eid.

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